Super Bowl LIII is finally here as the New England Patriots are looking to win their third Super Bowl in five seasons against Jared Goff, Sean McVay, and the Los Angeles Rams. Here are the Full Press Coverage Staff’s official predictions for Super Sunday.

Latest Super Bowl News
Writer Super Bowl Winner Score  MVP
Ian Glendon 35-24 Tom Brady
Ryan Adverderada 33-28 Todd Gurley
Tyler Kading  34-23 Julian Edelman
Terrance Biggs  33-23 Sony Michel
Kyle Senra 23-21 Aaron Donald
Mike D’Abate 31-27 James White
Jake Lyman 34-31 Tom Brady
Sam Smith 37-34 James White
Eduardo Munk Jr. 35-31 Tom Brady
Ben Pfeifer 31-30 Aaron Donald
Dean Williams 24-21 Brandin Cooks
Curtis Rawls 31-21 Jared Goff

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