Jamell Garcia-Williams


HT- 6’8” WT- 245 lbs
DOB- ??/??/????
Year- Senior (JUCO)
Recruit- N/A
Grade- 49
NFL Comp- Bud Dupree
Games Scouted- Vs Tulane (2018), @ MTSU 2 (2018), Vs Northern Illinois (2018).
Injury History- None (0)


Strength/Intensity: Good strength, doesn’t relent on his push. While not the strongest man in the world, he’s consistent in his push. Struggles against double team blocks. Doesn’t seem to know how to split them. Plays with a good intensity. Struggles to get off on NFL caliber talent. 13/22.

Hand Technique/Finesse: Shows promise as a finesse rusher. Has a good variety of moves. Can’t seem to split a double team, that would be a hand technique problem. Often times wins the one-on-one match-ups. 13/20.

Burst/Quickness: Not the quickest man off of the line of scrimmage. Burst is there, only it’s a more disguised burst. Has no burst when coming up from a 3 or 4 point stance. 6/18.

Run Defense/Tackling: Looks like a half decent tackler. Sets the edge very well. Does not take good pursuit angles and relies too much on his length sometimes to make the tackle. Instead will whiff. 7/12.

FBI/Versatility: Looks to me that he could be a very versatile player. Understands his role and the importance. Stays true to his assignments. Has no instincts. Versatility is limited, played as a standing edge and down, but always played better up. 5/10.

Leadership/Attitude: Plays with passion and intensity and looks like a good teammate. Coachable. Stays true to the playbook. 5/10.

Overall: Jamell looks to best fit a 3-4 OLB best in the NFL. He’s a developmental prospect, not ready in the slightest for the NFL level. Once his hand technique can be refined and his strength built up, Jamell can be an impact player in the league. 49/100.

Personality Assessment:

Not able to really find anything on him. (0)

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