Cody Ford


HT- 6’4” WT- 330 lbs
Year- RS Junior
Recruit- 3 Star
Grade- 92
NFL Comp- Jason Peters
Games Scouted- Vs UCLA (2018), @ West Virginia (2018), Vs Alabama (2018).
Injury History- Fibula (2016), Concussion (2017). (-3).


NORMAN, OK – OCTOBER 28: Oklahoma Sooners OL Cody Ford (74) during a college football game between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Tech Red Raiders on October 28, 2017, at Memorial Stadium in Norman, OK. (Photo by David Stacy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Strength: Very strong player, gifted physically with dominating size. Generally controls defenders at the line of scrimmage. Strong enough to deflect bull rushes and other power means to get by. 20/21.

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Quickness/Agility: Incredibly quick. Not agile enough to pull the lengths that Oklahoma continually asked him to pull. Has incredibly quick feet and can replant in less than a heartbeat. 17/18.

Anchor: Very solid anchor. Powerful combination of quickness in his feet and strength that allows him to be solid in this regard. Excellent form and technique. Sets up quickly and efficiently. 15/15.

Pass Blocking: Very natural pass blocker. Holds his own against some of college football’s finest. Moves with the defender well, doesn’t allow him to establish positioning. Strength of anchor often times allows him to control opposing defender and lock him down. 15/15.

Run Blocking: Often times looks lost in run blocking. Doesn’t seem to know where he needs to block. When he gets a hat on someone, he is solid. Needs to be smarter. 10/15.

Recovery: Excellent recovery. Quickness and agility in his feet allow him to replant quickly and in an instant recover and save a play. Consistently a solid recoverer. Very impressed with his traits in this skill. 10/10.

Leadership/Attitude: Smart guy, often times read the defense for the offensive line and made good, quick decisions when needed. Good leader. Playing attitude is slightly questionable. Didn’t know what he was doing at times, mostly in run block situations, and really seemed to struggle sometimes. ⅚.

Overall: Cody Ford brings so much to the team that takes him in terms of a solid pass protector. Has “Long Term Left Tackle” written all over him. His understanding of the passing game is incredible, as is his skill at this level. Ford is a first round lock and should be in a long term picture somewhere in the NFL. 92/100.

Personality Assessment:

He’s a pretty likable guy. Resembles a Jason Momoa lost in the wilderness, but very intense personality and very into the game. (+3).

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