2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Hamp Cheevers

Position: Cornerback

School: Boston College

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 180 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3


Although Cheevers shows acceleration, his long speed may not rank as elite. Yet, where he compensates is the ability to break on the ball. Cheevers closes on the ball like few in this class. However, on long routes, he will need to lengthen his stride to stay attached.


Despite weighing only 180 pounds, Cheevers loves contact. He stays tight on opponents, giving him the little nudge or cutting in front of them with contact. Additionally, he can slid into the slight and cover the quicker receivers with equal aplomb.


Immediately, Cheevers can flip the hips to run either the receivers. If you watch the film, you will see him turn from side to side before the break, in order to anticipate the route. Once he figures the route, the shift occurs.

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Ball Skills

In 2018, no corner enjoyed a better season, production-wise than Cheevers did. With seven interceptions, he led all of FBS. What makes him dangerous is his approach. Cheevers goes for the pick in every circumstance. Granted, he will knock down ones too far outside. However, he thrives with the ball in his vicinity. When he makes the grab, expect a big return. While Cheevers only ran one ball back for a score, he average 19.8 yards per catch.


As mentioned, Cheevers fights the stereotype of corners displaying poor hands. From making one hand grabs to concentration on tip drills, he shows fluidity in this trait. If you throw the ball anywhere near him, he will slip in and make a play.


Cheevers is not scared to get his nose dirty. Wrap and drag looks to be the order of the day for him. More importantly, he uses the punch to dislodge the ball. After making catches, sloppy receivers will lazily keep the ball away from the body, allowing Cheevers to dislodge the ball away.

Raiders Fit

If the Raiders draft Cheevers on Day 3, they will enjoy a productive corner with elite ball skills. Right away, he could challenge for the slot job. In the AFC West, Tyreek hill and Keenan Allen abuse slot corners every Sunday. The Raiders need someone that can nail down a perennially troubled position. In addition, Derrick Ansley appreciates corners that produce. Whether it is a PBU or pick, Cheevers will positively influence the Raiders, at a value.

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