Greedy Williams Could be the Steelers Answer at Cornerback

The Pittsburgh Steelers have roughly 77 days to devise their draft strategy, put their draft board together, and rank potential picks. Logic states that the Steelers will focus on defense, and common sense says their first pick should be a cornerback or an inside linebacker. Should the Steelers lead off with a perimeter pass defender, there are several solid candidates to choose from. One of the draft’s most intriguing prospects, LSU cornerback Greedy Williams, could be the Steelers answer at Cornerback.


Williams college career got off to a strong start, recording six interceptions and 10 passes defended in 13 starts. He’s a true ball-hawk with a superior catch radius that allows him to fight for the ball. Williams has the blazing speed to run with anyone, and the fluidity in his hips to stick with quicker receivers.

He does a great job of using his hands to gain leverage when fighting for the ball, and high points the ball with the best of them. Williams has impressive instincts and the mental makeup of a shutdown corner. He’s very good at reading the receivers hips and eyes, and knows when to turn to look for the ball.

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When a young cornerback is compared to Deion Sanders, it’s usually a good thing. When that comparison is in regard to tackling, it can be concerning. Williams was a willing tackler during his freshman season but seemed to give only half-hearted attempts as a sophomore. In other words, Williams regressed from a hitter to mostly diving at ankles to make the stop.

Williams is vulnerable to double-moves, polished route runners, and gets grabby at the top of routes. Some of these issues can be solved with coaching, but others can be addressed by adding 15 pounds of muscle to his 6’2″ frame. Williams needs to add some mass if he wants to survive at the next level. Otherwise, the bigger, more physical receivers in the NFL will own him.

Stats and Bio

  • Tackles – 71
  • Passes defended – 19
  • Interceptions – 8
  • 6’2″/185 lbs
  • 40 time – 4.5

The Bottom Line

Greedy Williams has the tools to be a starter from day one in the NFL and an eventual shutdown corner. He also has the potential to be a bust if he’s not pushed, but overall he is worth the risk in the right environment. The Steelers defense improved throughout last season, but one thing they lacked was ball-hawking playmakers. Williams can be that guy because he knows how to play the ball. Steelers defensive backs coach Tom Bradley stresses fundamentals and the minute details. He’s the kind of teacher who can get the best out of a risky prospect like Williams.




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