2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Chase Winovich

Position: Defensive End

School: The University of Michigan

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 255 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 2

Pass Rush

Without a doubt, Winovich gets home with his hands. That is to say, the placement, quickness, technique, and violence give him a better than equal shot at success at the next level. In order to explain, let us break this down. First, regardless of the tackle’s size, Winovich negates the punch with where he applies his hands. The extended arm keeps the blocker at bay and easier to disregard. Next, from the three/four point stance, he gets the jump on his opponent with first contact. As mentioned, spins, push/pull, and rips all start with sound technique. For Winovich, he enjoys a wide array of techniques at his disposal.

Run Stuffing

Despite weighing only 255 pounds, Winovich shows the toughness to take an inside route to meet the ball carrier. Additionally, he funnels down the line to meet the running back. At the next level, Winovich could serve as a three-down end. More importantly, he shows they want and will to throw him into the running game.


In a straight-line, Winovich carries decent burst and the ability to close. When he draws a bead on the backfield, he will kick it into a higher gear. However, by the foolish stopwatch metric, he may not test extremely well. Yet, between the lines, his play speed carries the day.


I hope that during the draft process, Winovich will add effective size. While 255 pounds may not feel light, 265 pounds could give him a significant base and allow him to develop a resounding bull rush. If he can gain weight without sacrificing his speed, that will only help him.


Winovich displays good effort, above average drive, and drag. From any angle, down or distance, he will lock his hands and corral the target.

Red Flag

During the Ohio State game, Winovich suffered an upper body injury. Winovich explained that he would gut the pain out through the Combine. If doctors are allowing him to put it off, then a prevailing thought is that it does not seem serious enough.

Raiders Fit

In essence, the Raiders lack perimeter pass rush help. Granted, Oakland will draft edge help early. However, the unit needs depth. One edge rusher will not fix the anemic pass rush. As a result, the Raiders do have room to also add Winovich. For example, if the Raiders draft Zach Allen in Round 1, they could draft Winovich. On passing down, Arden Key could line up on the left side, Allen slide inside to tackle and Winovich occupying the right end. With his quickness, pursuit, and ability to get the target on the ground, he makes sense for the Raiders to at least consider.


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