Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Importance of a Head Coach

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally have a proven, multiple ring wearing, multiple Coach of the Year receiving, head coach. Is it finally time they turn it around? Let’s take a look at the rest of the league and why the head coach is so important.

The Super Bowl is over and the two head coaches that were representing the NFL are widely considered to be two of the best to do it. Bill Belichick has been there done that more than ten times in his coaching career. Sean McVay was the youngest coach in the league and was regarded as an offensive genius that showed throughout the regular season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers recent head coaches have been unproven guys from college or served as coordinators or Lovie Smith.

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Lovie Smith could be compared to Bruce Arians as a former head coach that has been to the Super Bowl, but there is something special that Bruce Arians brings. Smith had a difficult time adjusting his defense to the new high powered NFL and was let go. Arians retired after having back to back seasons with backup quarterbacks and a bevy of injuries at key positions. This minor dip dropped his record closer to .500 after having double-digit win seasons.

Arians is a quarterback coach with an extensive offensive game plan. He’s brought along a huge coaching staff to work with players almost individually. He also brings a swagger and attitude that should help push this franchise in the right direction. Looking around the league, there are multiple coaches that have that it factor, some of them are on their way out, and some are replacements for recently fired coaches.


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