Nick Foles has exceeded any expectations the Eagles ever could have had for him. In Part 1, we discussed Foles past all the way through the first drive of Super Bowl LII. All right, Nick, it’s your first Super Bowl start, you’re going against the greatest quarterback of all time. How are you going to come out of the tunnel? You can’t afford to come out flat; you need to be energized. While being excited, you can’t be too amped up. For Foles, this is who he is every day. There wasn’t a moment of doubt in any Eagles mind that Foles magic was going to come out of the tunnel ready for war.

The Consummation of Magic (cont)

Taking a 3-0 lead in a Super Bowl is a big deal. Yeah, it’s only 3 points, I get it. Starting fast is imperative in a winner take all match. The 14 play drive Nick Foles led to open up Super Bowl LII showed that this wasn’t going to be a walk-thru for Brady and company. Brady followed up Foles opening act with a scoring drive of his own. A 9 play 67-yard drive to tie the game up at 3-3. The Patriots needed less than 4 minutes to tie up the game, a sign of things to come. How would Foles react to this? Foles would answer the call, quickly. Foles led the Eagles on a three play 77-yard touchdown drive. Finding Alshon Jeffrey in the corner of the endzone to get the lead back. Unfortunately, Jake Elliot missed the extra point, leaving Philly with a 9-3 lead.

Foles was answering the call, almost every time the phone rang. His lone mistake came on a pass to Alshon Jeffrey. Jeffrey wasn’t able to secure it, leading to a Duron Harmon interception and ultimately a Tom Brady touchdown pass. The interception was hardly Foles fault, but it happened none-the-less. After New England had cut Philly’s lead to just 3, Foles had a chance to answer before halftime. With a minute and 59 seconds left and the ball on his own 30, Foles orchestrated an impressive drive. A 7 play 70-yard drive in just one minute and 30 seconds. This wasn’t your average touchdown, by any means.

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Philadelphia was faced with a 4th and goal from New England’s one-yard line. What happened next will be remembered as one of the gutsiest calls in Super Bowl history. Nick Foles ran to the sideline and asked Doug Pederson if he wanted Philly Philly, Doug concurred. The official play-call was Philly special, and it was glorious. As if Foles hadn’t already done everything imaginable, he CAUGHT a touchdown pass. A trick play on fourth-and-goal from New Englands 1-yard line. Foles magic was still alive, and well, Philly would go into halftime up 22-12.

30 Minutes from Greatness

A half-time lead, in the Super Bowl, over the greatest dynasty the NFL has ever seen? That’s the position you want to be in. Now, it’s starting to set in. Nick Foles is 30 minutes away from bringing a Super Bowl to Philadelphia for the first time. Could anything be more magical than that?

Regardless of a 10 point lead, you knew this game was far from over. New England drove straight down the field to start the third quarter, to bring the score to 22-19. Once again, Foles was asked to answer the call. What did Foles do? Nothing much; Just responded with an 11 play, 85-yard drive to put the Eagles back in firm control, 29-19. Brady, of course, answered with another touchdown of his own. It was an all-out brawl in the second half. Despite the Eagles scoring on every possession in the second half, Brady managed to pull the Patriots in front of the Eagles 33-32 with 9 minutes and 22 seconds left.

This was the ultimate test; Nick Foles was trailing in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. Philadelphia had to ask him for one last magical drive. One more herculean effort from a man who has already given all he has to Philadelphia. Nick Foles took Philadelphia on a 14 play 75-yard drive resulting in a Zach Ertz touchdown with 2 minutes and 21 seconds left. Foles completed passes on three third downs, and a fourth down to help the Eagles maintain possession.

Tom Brady had over two minutes to secure another Super Bowl. This time, the magic didn’t reside with Brady. The magic stayed with Nicholas Edward Foles, the Super Bowl LII MVP. Nick Foles had completed one of the most magical runs in NFL history. Would this be his final performance in Philadelphia?

Hint: The Magic wasn’t over.

Part 3 Coming Soon.



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