Why the Trade of Tobias Harris is Crucial for 76ers Success


With trade window now closed, the 76ers pulled off a trade that got them Marjanovic, Harris and Mike Scott. Meanwhile, Clippers have received Landry Shamet, Mike Muscala, Wilson Chandler and 2020 first-round pick as well as 2021 and 2023 second-round picks. As we know, Tobias has had a great season so far with Clippers who are one of the main contenders to take the 8th spot in the Western Conference. However, the Los Angeles front office wants to get as many picks as they can in order to build for the future, while 76s already have a team that can compete for the spot in the Finals.

What Tobias Harris brings to the table

Tobias is a 6-foot-8 forward playing his 8th season and averaging 21 points per game, shooting .499 percent from the floor and .426 percent from the 3-point line. All while having 3.7 assists per game. He is great without the ball since he can catch and shoot well from behind the arc, while at the same time he can be a playmaker as well. A player who can pull up from range, penetrate the paint, finish at the rim, while having the ability to pass the ball well is a tremendous asset in today’s game. Essentially, he is a multi-dimensional player with high basketball IQ.


Keeping in mind that Ben Simmons can play well without the ball and can actually bully opposing guards in the paint, so it makes sense to allow Harris to act as a playmaker. After all, he has all the skills and experience to do so.

Boban Marjanovic factor

Since the trade to Sixers Boban has seen his minutes increased by seven per game, which has resulted in him having better stats across the board. Strangely enough, despite the fact that he attempts more shots, his Field Goal percentage has risen from .629 to .711. While we know that when Joel Embid returns to the lineup Marjanovic will not play as many minutes as he does now, it is always a good thing to have an experienced 6’10 player on the bench.


Mike Scott shooting lights out

Similar to Boban, Mike Scott has seen his playing time increased by 8 minutes. Furthermore, in a recent game vs Golden State, which resulted in a 76ers win, he played 32 minutes and scored six threes out of nine attempted. Overall, his three-point field goal since moving to Sixers is at .5 percent, which is a significant improvement from .391 when he was in Clippers. Although it is clear that he has attempted only 40 shots from behind the arc in Philadephia’s uniform, it is also evident that Sixers have much better spacing and thus can get much better looks for their shooters, opposed to Clippers.

Achilles heel

Ben Simmons is an exceptional rebounder and defender for his position. Thus, he can collect opponents missed shots and launch a fast break, where he will be either looking to finish at the rim or set up his teammates. However, in the playoffs the pace of the game is slower, as a result, there will not be as many run and gun plays that Sixers can exploit. Half-court offense will be the key in the post season at it is exactly what Ben Simmons is not good at.

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Stats wise Ben Simmons nearly averages triple double but at the same time, he is a huge liability for the team. Main reason for that is the fact that he doesn’t have an outside shot. Consequently, opponents who are guarding him can leave Simmons wide open and stay close to the basket. That limits the space that Embid and penetrators have to operate.

Despite being playing point guard position on his team he is not the player who can be trusted to handle the ball late in the game simply because opposing team can use hack a Simmons tactic. Since he’s shooting an abysmal .590 from the charity stripe and the fact that pressure late in the game will be enormous, this tactic can prove to be very effective.


You don’t gamble – you don’t win

By signing three players, whose contracts will expire at the end of the season, means that Sixers have risked their future by betting on their present. However, much like in the game of cards, in sports, you have to be willing to commit in order to succeed. By making this trade 76s have made a series of bold moves, but will they result in having them a solid post-season run we are yet to witness.


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