2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Deshaun Davis

Position: Inside Linebacker

School: Auburn University

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 231 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3


During his time at Auburn, Davis carried 246 pounds on his frame. As a result, he did not display phenomenal burst. However, Davis showed up to the Senior Bowl weighing 231 pounds. This only helps his explosion. Meanwhile, the lost weight gives the instinctive Davis, who plays downhill anyway, several quicker steps. More importantly, his blitzing through the A gap immediately improves with timing and getting the jump on interior offensive lineman. Despite his extra college weight, Davis


At the next level, Davis should be tasked with shorter to medium drops, covering backs near or at the line. If Davis’ new shape improves his agility, as expected, look for him to vastly improve how he shadows and trails targets.


Davis excels in this area. With malice, he attacks the ballcarrier, heavy hands and loaded shoulders remain ready to drop an opponent. Versus the run, Davis sifts through the trash and brings his should into the chest plate. That being said, Davis shows top-notch pad level, balance and leg drive. Additionally, the strength in his hands prevents any sort of escaped tackle attempt.

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Before Davis steps on the field, his teammates know that he is a leader. He carries himself differently on the field than most. With a mixture of confidence and passion, he brings out the best in his teams. On the other hand, Davis’ overwhelming aggression makes him a nightmare to block.

Raiders Fit

For years, the Raiders needed to fill the vacancy at middle linebacker. To their credit, Mike Mayock does bring a phenomenal devotion to tape study and analysis. In return, a player like Davis should quickly appear on his radar. In a division that boasts quality running backs, the Raiders must find a capable long-term solution. No, a long-in-the-tooth veteran for two or three years is not the answer. However, a veteran on a one-year deal to mentor a player like Davis would make sense. One day, the Raiders will need to address the middle linebacker spot over the long haul.

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