It’s finally official, Antonio Brown has publically requested a trade or release from the Pittsburgh Steelers. His request was made as only AB knows how, via Twitter.

Thus begins the speculation, who wants Antonio Brown? AB is one of the greatest receivers of our generation, and like most of the others, he’s a primadonna. He has consistently put himself above his teammates. In 2017 Brown secretly recorded Head Coach Mike Tomlin in a postgame speech after an 18-16 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. The Steelers were moving on to the AFC Championship game to face the New England Patriots. Coach Tomlin had used strong language when describing the Patriots. Thus AB created an unnecessary distraction. Just this year in a crucial must-win week 17 game, AB no-showed Friday and Saturday and was benched for the game on Sunday, in which he left at halftime. Star players can certainly be worth the trouble they bring, but there is always a breaking point.

Examples of Antonio Browns’ Behavior

Multiple times throughout his career he has complained about not being targeted enough in a game. As early as 2013 Brown confronted offensive coordinator Todd Haley about a lack of targets in the first half. In a 2017 week 4 game, Brown became upset when he was open and didn’t receive the ball.

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In a 2017 postseason game, Brown didn’t join in on the celebration when DeAngelo Williams scored the first touchdown of the game for Pittsburgh. Why? Maybe Antonio Brown wanted to be the one to score, perhaps this one is just me reaching for something that isn’t there. History is in my favor on this one, take a look below and let me know what you think.

According to ProFootballTalk, last year “Mike Tomlin had to sit Brown down and tell him to stop chasing statistics, and that his only concern should be winning championships.” That is not the type of receiver that the Philadelphia Eagles need.

Howie, Don’t Do It

Howie Roseman is known for making big moves out of nowhere. This is not a time for that to happen in regards to Antonio Brown. This Eagles team draws strength from each other. They feed off of their bond with each other, they play better because they are together. Antonio Brown is the exact opposite of everything this Philadelphia Eagles team preaches.

Everything is about Antiono Brown, win or lose. Imagine if Antonio Brown had been on our team in this postseason when Alshon dropped one of his only balls of the year. Do you think Antonio Brown would have run over to tell him it’s okay? Absolutely not, Antonio would have been throwing water coolers on the sideline because the ball didn’t go his way. Brown is a locker room problem, he will cause distracting side stories at the most inopportune times. Is AB one of the best wide receivers in the NFL? Absolutely, he just isn’t one of the best wide receivers for the Eagles to go after.

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