2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Ronheen Bingham

Position: Edge Rusher

School: Arkansas State University

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 242 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3/UDFA


Pass Rush

When Bingham gets his chance at the next level, whoever taught him hand placement needs a cut of his salary. First, he displays not only quick hands but also the innate ability to disengage with quick movements. As a result, Bingham gets the blocker off balance and starts to lurch. Once they lean too far over their feet, his rip and/or speed becomes a focus. Not to mention, despite his size, he carries the ability to bull the occasional blocker. Granted, at 242 pounds, probably 250 by the combine, he will not overextend that move too often. Yet, his arsenal and array of techniques should intrigue people.

Run Stuffing

As mentioned, Bingham carries his 242 pounds differently. In the run game, he actually sniffs out the play and will shed either by sliding under the block or by outright defeating the tackle with just his hand skills alone. To his credit, Bingham takes an aggressive approach to defending the run. From funneling down the line or stringing out the perimeter run, he will get in the backfield before help arrives.


While it is his best attribute other than his hands, it is in no way his most definitive. Bingham possesses the straight-line speed and ten-yard burst than most pass rushers boast at the next level. Moreover, that acceleration sees Bingham win on stunts and slants. Quarterback does not expect such speed to appear from the middle of the line, bearing down on them.

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Bingham needs to add roughly 10-15 pounds to play all three downs at the next level. As of now, he shows functional strength, but when facing guards and certain tackles, they could engulf him. Under those circumstances, weight gain would help and increase the force of his bull rush.


When Bingham attacks from the edge, you see bend and balance. More importantly, his feet will cause the tackle to wide too much, exposing a narrow inside path to the passer. Meanwhile, his change of direction helps in pursuit of the back.

Red Flag

In December, Bingham suffered a left knee injury that needed surgery. While the timetable is rather up in the air, Bingham will return.


With an exception tackle radius, Bingham secures the stop with quickness and deceptive power. His 18.5 TFL signify the ability to wrap and drive. When he is on the ground, his presence of mind allows him to grab and pull down the ballcarrier without incurring the flag for contact below the knee. Instead Bingham grabs for the leg and forces the play to an end/

Raiders Fit

While Bingham currently does not have the weight of an NFL DE, yet, he does have the frame, speed, technique, and ability. The Raiders need pass rush help. With Bingham profiling as a Day 3 or even UDFA, Oakland needs to give him a look. On top of that, Bingham’s nasty disposition and vicious nature will give the defense some teeth. No one is saying the Raiders should bypass other rushers. However, Bingham is worth a Day 3/UDFA add, if he is available. With the knee injury, many will take him off their list. However, if you see a true pass rusher in action, you know that they will not stop.


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