NAME: Trayvon Mullen

POSITION: Cornerback

SCHOOL: Clemson

HEIGHT: 6’1”

WEIGHT: 190 pounds

The next prospect profile we will cover today is of a cornerback who is part of the veteran secondary at Clemson. This cornerback displays an intangible skill set that most other cornerbacks in this class rarely present on tape. Trayvon Mullen made for a different evaluation than I was expecting, before diving into his tape. I think he could still be a top-five cornerback in this class. Now, let’s dive into his attributes.


Mullen seems to fare well in both man and zone coverage. I liked him better in man coverage though, based on his tape. His mirroring of receivers is one of his better traits. But, as much as he can provide in that aspect, Mullen’s footwork can come back to bite him when receivers break or change direction on their routes. In zone coverage, Mullen does a good job of staying on top of receivers and starts his backpedal in ample time. Overall, he seems to be tested more on short to intermediate routes, compared to deep routes.

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When Mullen wants to be physical, he does a good job of laying the boom or using his arms to slow down receivers on their routes. At times, he is too handsy in coverage, leading to flags. But, that is a minor issue and it can be worked out in the NFL. One thing that helps Mullen in coverage though, is his long arms. This also helps take away some of those footwork hiccups that pop up as well.


I threw both of these attributes together because they go hand in hand while watching Mullen’s tape. Like physicality, he displays aggressiveness/tackling strengths when he wants to. His tackling form is good overall, and his pad level is even better. But, there is evident hesitation when Mullen sees an outside sweep his way. Or, Mullen is not aggressive or strong enough to get off of receiver’s blocks. I think he can sure up this area and develop as a much more confident defender when out in space.

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I thought Mullen performed better overall in 2018 compared to 2017. His physical trait is a plus in today’s NFL. I think Mullen, for what he is overall, would be an interesting project for defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. Where he is as a coverage man is good, but there is room to improve as a playmaker and on his ball skills. I think if Mullen comes to Kansas City, the Chiefs will not be any worse for wear in the cornerback/defensive back room.

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