When you think of strong locker room presence, a natural born leader and incredible talent, not many names come to mind. One such name is Malcolm Jenkins. The former 1st rounder out of The Ohio State has seen much success in his 10 year NFL career. Splitting it between the Saints and Eagles, winning the championship with both teams.

The Stud

There’s so much to say about Malcolm Jenkins. The guy is a stud in all categories, on and off the field. He shows up to every practice and every game, playing like his job is on the line. This year, Jenkins did not miss a single defensive snap. Not one. Many guys don’t make it through the year avoiding injury, let alone playing every single one of the team’s 1,000 + defensive snaps. Malcolm Jenkins played not only his usual safety position, but saw takes at cornerback, and even the unusual linebacker position. Being a team player through and through, he played his heart out no matter where he was on the field. He gave his all as the Champs defended their throne. This year, he totaled 97 tackles, a sack, and a pick, landing him a spot in his third Pro Bowl.

The Leader

With just as much passion as he shows on the field, Jenkins takes control of the locker room too. He serves as an inspiration for all members of the team. Whether a newcomer just passing by, or a seasoned vet here to stay. Always seen at the center of the huddle, the great leader Jenkins,  lifts his teammates to reach their fullest potential. Last year on the magical Super Bowl run, Jenkins’ voice echoed in the locker room, with hopes of glory grasping each one of his words.  All of his speeches based on the importance of brotherhood, and above all else, family.

The Ally

The greatness of Jenkins doesn’t stop when the final whistle blows. It extends to the world around him with everything he does. The superstar founded The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation in 2010. A non-profit which serves to be an influence on kids from rough backgrounds, and areas that are neglected by society. Jenkins pushes to be the hand reaching out, bringing the less fortunate into opportunities to grow and flourish in the changing world. Jenkins also takes a stand against violence seen by minorities in America. He has worked with many corporations, including the NFL on bringing attention to these issues.

The Man

There is indisputable fact in the words, “Malcolm Jenkins is the man”. In all of his life events, Jenkins pursues each one of his goals with a burning flame that cannot be extinguished. His tireless effort to the team and his community shape him to be a legend and because of this, in my eyes, he is one of my all-time favorite Eagles.


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