Raiders 2019 Draft Prospect: CB Montre Hartage

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospect CB Montrae Hartage

2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Montre Hartage

Position: Cornerback

School: Northwestern University

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 187 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3



While Hartage is not blessed with elite speed, he shows the hustle to keep up with receivers down the field. Granted, he is not slow. Yet, his explosion looks average and adequate. On the other hand, Hartage shows the ability to close efficiently on the ball with burst. As a result, he needed zero cleanup help from teammates while making a stop.


At Northwestern, Hartage played off from the receiver. In a way, this displayed his ability to drive on the underneath routes. On the other hand, he needs to get inside the frame, show some bump, and run skills. This could negate any speed deficiency. Meanwhile, this could disrupt the route before it truly begins. Yet, through all this, Hartage battles from snap to whistle. At every point in the play, Hartage will battle for positioning and the ball.

Ball Skills

With experience arrived timing and proper depth perception when making the play on the ball. Hartage honed this skill early. Through nine interceptions and twenty-six deflections, Hartage inserts himself into the play. If he cannot secure the pick, he will chop and cleave the hands apart in order to ensure the ball shakes loose.


As mentioned, for a corner, Hartage barrels toward the wideout with force. He will drop his hip; stay behind his pads and pushes through the target area. After, observe his hands wrapping around wideout. Notice the force of the collision. Despite playing corner, Hartage can hit like a safety. As a result, he could see time in subpackages as an extra DB to start.


Generally speaking, experienced corners have an easier time in transitioning to the next level. For Hartage, he takes sound angles, shows strong focus, and attention to detail.

Raiders Fit

Overall, the Oakland Raiders employ two average or above defensive backs, Gareon Conley and Karl Joseph. Outside of that, the stunning lack of depth continues to hurt them. When teams spread Oakland out, the Raiders will inevitably field subpar talent in the secondary. Furthermore, ten draft picks would afford them the opportunity to spend draft capital on a Day 3 corner. In addition, Hartage could see snaps as a nickel safety due to his ability to wrap up and excellent ball skills.


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