2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Cody Thompson

Position: Wide Receiver

School: The University of Toledo

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 200 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3


While most wideouts present their quarterback with serviceable catch radius, Thompson spins that concept forward. He contorts himself to adjust to the pass. Whether it is a backshoulder or contested catch, Thompson finds a way to make the catch. In traffic, versus multiple defenders, he has shown the concentration to haul the ball in. Although his body plays an important role in this process, Thompson only uses his hands, complete with a strong grip to secure the ball.


After averaging 18 yards a catch during his career at Toledo, Thompson displays a knack for getting on top of the defense. With quick strides and flexible gait, he beats corners on the outside with a fair amount of frequency. More importantly, Thompson can vary his acceleration, depending on route. For instance, a stutter go will be effective for him because he can explode quickly from choppy steps.

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Route Running

Accomplishing separation, Thompson can battle a bit versus the jam. Although not overly physical, his route recovery and timing will save him. However, on the underneath pattern, the internal clock needs to pick up the pace a bit.

Route Tree

In time, Thompson shows the ability to master a full tree. Yet, he currently brings a diverse repertoire into the league. Even though he profiles as a vertical threat, Thompson runs the screen with fluidity and exceptional crispness. On top of that, the post and fade will see him cash in with targets.


If you approach Thompson with the closed-minded narrative of appearance, you are missing out. Thompson is a deep threat with the fluidity to contribute at all three levels of a passing offense. In addition, his toughness places him in harm’s way. He will absorb a hit to make the grab.

Raiders Fit

Again, the lazy comparison that some will make is Jordy Nelson. Yet, for the wrong reasons. On a level, Nelson was more polished with route nuance coming out of Kansas State. Yet, the Raiders can mold a late-round prospect like Thompson into a second or third wideout. Why? He possesses the skill base to learn and the coachability to excel. In addition, if you add his downfield abilities, the Raiders have the perfect replace for Seth Roberts, who really has not provided the team with any semblance of consistency.

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