The Pittsburgh Steelers signed their first player this offseason when they reached a two-year deal with one of their own. Defensive lineman Tyson Alualu wanted to remain in the Steel City and made it happen. He will remain with the Steelers through the 2020 season and was able to avoid free agency in the process. Alualu is a former first-round draft pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars and spent the first seven years with them.

Tyson Alualu Bolsters the Steelers Defensive Line

Alualu joined the Steelers as a free agent in 2017 and paid immediate dividends. He brought stability to a Steelers defensive line that was overworked and lacked quality depth. Since his arrival he’s been a valuable part of the rotation and has provided several quality starts due to injuries. In 31 games with the Steelers, Alualu has recorded 61 tackles, including eight for losses. He’s also pitched in the Steelers sack with four. Many outsiders have predicted that several players would be looking to bail on the Steelers this offseason. Alualu isn’t one of them.

“It feels great,” said Alualu. “I am blessed to be able to come back and play for an organization that I love being around, from the top to the bottom. From management to my teammates. I am thankful to get something done and be with the group of guys that are chasing that trophy. I am just excited to get something done as soon as possible.”

Alualu continued…“I don’t know if I can say enough about the guys that we have,” said Alualu. “The relationships that you build on and off the field. You get to know people on a personal level, see how they live every day, how they interact with each other, with myself. It is a testament to the organization and the family atmosphere they build there. I am just happy and excited to continue to be a part of that.”

The Bottom line

Tyson Alualu has become a valuable member of the Steelers defensive line in his two years with the team. He provides versatility, flexibility, and the reliability the Steelers need, and they were smart enough to keep him in the fold. It was very important to maintain the stability of the defensive line while linebacker and the secondary remains in flux.

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