Raiders 2019 Draft Prospect: LB Terez Hall

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospect LB Terez Hall

2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Terez Hall

Position: Linebacker

School: The University of Missouri

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 230 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3


Although he plays with decent burst, Hall does not batter the ballcarrier upon contact. Instead, he will wrap and drag them to the ground. Granted, there are times when he should use a bit more pop behind his pads. In reviewing tape, there seems to be no middle ground, at times. When Hall attempts to strike with force, he will occasionally bounce off or slide by the target, compensating by using his quick hands. At the next level, a sound position coach will quickly get him to refine his technique slightly. No major overhaul needed, just a small adjustment to the art of tackling.

Run Stuffing

For someone that weighs only 230 pounds, Hall will stick his nose into the pile and make plays. When facing an offensive lineman that outweighs him by 70-85 pounds, he will fight them for ground, using leverage. Hall will slide off the block to make the play. He lives around the line of scrimmage during running plays and shows the knack for TFL.

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When he blitzes or closes on a ballcarrier, Hall displays above-average acceleration. He will use this to run through the target and make the ball. In space, he needs better timing when flowing to the sidelines.


For his size, Hall shows functional power. However, with a little more weight, it would increase his tackling pop and give him other options when attempting to shed linemen blocks.


In space, Hall can shadow a tight end or take on a running back in the flats. With a smooth hip flip for a linebacker, he can turn his hips in either direction to trail.

Raiders Fit

At this point, only Tahir Whitehead (contract) and Nicholas Morrow (athleticism) have the only two spots on the roster, at this point. That being said, the rest of the unit is loaded with average to fringe players that could be replaced. Granted, the time should draft a linebacker higher in the draft. However, the squad also needs quality athletic depth. Hall provides Oakland with quality depth. With a need for roster upheaval, the Raiders need to attack the roster from every conceivable angle. The team needs athletes and a roster of average talent will not win games.


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