Raiders 2019 Draft Prospect: LB Dakota Allen

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospect LB Dakota Allen

2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Dakota Allen

Position: Linebacker

School: Texas Tech University

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 235 pounds

Draft projection: Day 3


Whether in space or streaking toward the backfield, Allen presents outstanding speed. For instance, he blitzes well enough to force early throws or stifling running backs before they can get through the line of scrimmage. On the boundary, Allen will make plays, crossing from the near to far sideline. In a hurry, he inserts himself into the play. Above all, he does not hesitate when going full bore. More importantly, this enhances his already above average range.


With his speed, Allen can undercut the route, making plays on the ball or dissuading the pass. At the next level, Allen should face backs and tight ends alike. Additionally, he could see short field assignments versus the odd receiver. Now, this should not be a constant assignment. What this does show is that Allen is a three-down linebacker that will see snaps at the next level.

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Granted, Allen’s decisive burst gets him into the action. Yet, the ability to shift his hips, cut on a dime, and track the ball stands out. When in coverage, his backpedal does slow and the turn usually does not contain a false step. More importantly, quickness is how Allen sheds block. Now, he should use his hands more to disengage. However, for now, he will dip his shoulder, cross the blockers face, and get skinny to bounce off.


Without a doubt, Allen appears to use decent technical proficiency. On the other hand, you would expect more. Due to his speed, Allen needs to deliver thumping tackles. Now, no one is saying lights-out hitting, but just authoritative.


Within the confines of the Texas Tech defense, Allen served as their emotional and physical leader. His infectious energy sparked the Red Raiders to the

Raiders Fit

In the NFL, the two-down linebacker is becoming extinct. The Raiders need faster, more versatile linebackers. With Allen, the Raiders could use him in a myriad of ways. As a blitzer, Allen snakes through blocks and forces quarterbacks to choose their fate. In addition, in the run game, that speed will translate into impact plays. As Jon Gruden reconstructs that side of the ball, Allen could serve as either a Day 3 potential starter or depth.


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