Raiders 2019 Draft Profile: S Sheldrick Redwine

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospect Safety Sheldrick Redwine

Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Sheldrick Redwine

Position: Safety

School: The University of Miami

Height: 6’

Weight: 202 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3



While some safeties in this class are converted corners that seem blessed with outstanding burst, Redwine plays with functional play speed. That is to say, he shows a feel for adjusting to the action and the acceleration needed within situation. Granted, he will never out run a wideout. Yet, as a safety, he really does not have to. Under those circumstances, Redwine’s speed is suitable for various coverage situations at the NFL level. Furthermore, when playing near or at the line of scrimmage, he closes extremely well on the ball carrier and serves as an above-average blitzer.


Redwine bring a physical style to the field. If you look at the nuances of his coverage skills, you will see veteran moves. First, he will initial “incidental contact “, knowing full well, that bump will slightly disrupt the wideout. Next, when breaking up plays, watch for the arm under the receiver, making it tougher for them to close their hands in a grasping motion.


As his career in Coral Gables evolved, Redwine gained the confidence and technical flexibility to adjust to late breaking routes, crossing patterns and screens. On top of that, Redwine can elevate to disrupt the pass, which is something that many of his faster but much shorter draft class struggles with.

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Ball Skills

Although Redwine collected only ten deflected passes, he managed to pick of five passes. So, what does that mean? In all honesty, the bulk of these plays occurring late in his career. That signifies someone sharpening their skills and becoming comfortable with playing the ball.


In watching Redwine’s film, several points about his approach to stopping the ballcarrier varies. When contacting smaller wideouts, his target rises a bit. As a result, there’s little to no wriggling free. On the other hand, in space, he will drive through the target while maintaining a strong grip. With that said, Redwine possesses an uncanny knack fro forcing fumbles. With four in his 34 games as a Hurricane, look for either his wrench or punch.

Raiders Fit

The Raiders need to revamp their secondary, especially at safety. While Karl Joseph waited to shine with increased snaps in 2018, Redwine could either slide into his spot or start next to him. Paul Guenther needs a safety with strong tackling skills. How many tackles did the 2018 Raiders miss? If you look at the safety play, too often, you would see decent gains, go for touchdowns. Redwine’s approach would give the Raiders a chance to give Paul Guenther a long-term solution.


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