Chiefs 2019 NFL Draft Prospect: CB Greedy Williams


NAME: Greedy Williams

POSITION: Cornerback


HEIGHT: 6’1’’

WEIGHT: 185 pounds

Last draft profile, we looked at Byron Murphy, who is seen as the consensus number one cornerback in this draft class. Now, we look ahead to Greedy Williams. Williams has often been looked at as the number two ranked cornerback in this pre-draft process. But as we approach the NFL Scouting Combine, I’m not entirely sure that is the case. I could argue DeAndre Baker fits that number two cornerback spot. Plus, guys like Nasir Adderley and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson could switch their prominent roles from safety to cornerback at the NFL level as well. Williams ball skills is above average, but the other parts of his game will be a key thing to watch in the final month and a half before the NFL Draft in April.

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Ball Skills

I think this is the best attribute of Williams’ game. He has a forceful style of dislodging the balls out of receivers hands or trying to break a pass up before a receiver can catch it. His interception numbers are high. This is due to his chance of being a lockdown type of player. There are times where Williams will get too grabby, which is much more evident than other cornerbacks that could be selected early in the Draft. There is a slight worry I see with him having trouble to locate the football at times in coverage. But, if he learns to trust his ability to be a ball hawk he’ll be fine.



In man coverage, Williams has the arm length to play good press coverage at the line of scrimmage. The way he mirrors receivers and stays with tight with them in man is also a plus. Williams seems to have more success when he forces a receiver to work outside, rather than on his inside shoulder. In zone coverage, Williams can be beaten fairly well by comeback routes. This is due to his slow transition to crash down on routes. But in zone, he does do well in turning and running with vertical routes.


Williams long speed is more of an asset than his closing speed on routes. But, the angles he takes when closing down on routes makes up for that slight hesitation when running downhill. I don’t think Williams will have too much trouble staying with receivers, as long as he has his legs under him. He can’t lose control and have his footwork be out of control.

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Williams will have to work on developing as a tackler at the next level. There are times where Greedy will not wrap up when he has a chance at an open field tackle. Also, he sometimes positions himself in a way the he only has a small strike zone on a ball carrier/receiver. This leads to aiming to low and going for the ankles. The skill players in the NFL can sidestep that attempt far too easily. When Williams is playing backside or he doesn’t think he has a shot to make a play on the pass, there are times where he stops in the middle of a play.

Chiefs Fit

Once again, the Chiefs need cornerback help. Can a system like Steve Spagnuolo’s capitalize on Williams’ best traits? That would be something that may take time if the Chiefs were to select him. I think he has the ability to be a high impact player in the NFL. A team that is in a position like the Chiefs are in right now, may light a fire under him to control those points of lack of desire on the field. Whoever selects Williams will have to work on his shortcomings early and cash in on his playmaking/ball hawk ability.

Thank you for reading. With the combine happening, and the 2019 NFL Draft just around the corner, be sure to check out more prospect profiles on Full Press Coverage.

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