Raiders 2019 Draft Prospect: WR Miles Boykin

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospect WR Miles Boykin

2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name:  Miles Boykin

School: The University of Notre Dame

Position: Wide Receiver

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 220 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3




As expected, due to his size, you would expect Boykin to shrug off contact catches. Additionally, his reach affords for a vast catch radius, enhanced by the ability to stab the ball with one hand. Now, he does need to improve in the technical aspects of a fluid catch and transfer. With only 77 career receptions, that will come with reps.


Although he timed in the low 4.4 range at the Combine, Boykin’s tape already clued many into his ability to get down the field. While he does have a longer stride, that does not inhibit the burst on deeper routes.

Route Running

In respect to his size and route preference, teams would play off Boykin. As a result, he enjoyed his share of easy releases after the snap. Yet, when faced against tighter coverage, he will fight corners to get free. Where Boykin should see improvement is the ability to replicate his approach before the break. Seasoned, intelligent corner will notice traits and jumps routes.

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Route Tree

Despite his frame, Boykin saw targets on various routes. From the expected (go, fade) to the curious (red zone screen, quick slant). Under those circumstances, adding in more underneath patterns will round his repertoire.


Now, no one will mistake Boykin for a twitchy slot. However, he does show lighter feet and the knack to start and stop with few false steps.


Despite catching only seventy-seven passes as a member of the Irish, Boykin showed the continued evolution as a wideout. The drive to improve will suit him well at the next level.

Raiders Fit

With spots available on the depth chart, the Raiders need a vertical playmaker. While Boykin may not ascend to lead receiver status, giving Derek Carr the threat of the deep ball remains crucial. Granted, Jon Gruden prefers Carr to work with shorter routes, the Raiders need that downfield presence. Teams will dictate and dare the Raiders to throw the ball vertically. With Boykin, Oakland could slot him in as a third wideout with a myriad of roles. In the red zone, the 6’4” wideout could give defensive backs fits with the fade. For a team that struggled in the red zone with playcalling, the Raiders need weapons to convert. In all honesty, Derek Carr has not had a wideout that he trusted in the red zone more than Michael Crabtree. Last year, you could tell that void hurt Oakland. Boykin’s vertical prowess and speed will give the Raiders another option.


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