With the official offseason starting in just a few days, it is time for the Jets to bring in the scouts and talk about what they need to become a contender once again. As it sits right now, the Jets are in a pretty good position for a lot of reasons. They have massive cap space, the third pick overall, and a quarterback.

But let’s start from the top, shall we?

Free Agency

The Jets have roughly 100 million dollars to throw into the wind so to speak, according to OverTheCap.com, and will have to be aggressive. I am talking more aggressive than last’s year signing of a few guys. They need to sign more than that and throw a little money around to get the job done.

Now grabbing Le’Veon Bell or Antonio Brown would be throwing money around and would be great, but probably a waste of money. Bell wants the biggest contract (overshadowing Melvin Gordon’s and Todd Gurley’s contracts) with the thing almost fully if not mostly guaranteed, which is a problem. We do not know if Bell is still his top caliber RB self or has he let himself go. In addition to that, GM Mike Maccagnan will not give out a massive contract like that ever (ex. Kirk Cousins). So it would be stupid to shell out the cash for an RB to fail.

And with Maccagnan having a few strikes on his person with Johnson last year being one of them, he has to be careful. Same goes for AB; he wants the money and the winning that goes with it but he has gone full diva mode. Besides he has asked for a trade with most likely San Fran, so he is a no go.

The Jets should spend their money on guys like RB Tevin Coleman and WR Tyrell Williams for offense, simply because they are inexpensive upgrades that will help move the ball downfield. Robby Anderson (who was tagged with a second-round tender) will be sticking around, and Quincy Enunwa has been locked down for another 4 years. And with Jermaine Kearse being a FA, the Jets now have room to have a true #1 WR and Williams can be that man.

On the RB side, Bilal Powell went down with that scary neck injury which could be career ending and with him being a FA it doesn’t look like the veteran will be back. Isaiah Crowell has been, to say the least, disappointing after a positive outlook. Elijah McGuire and Trenton Cannon are still too fresh to have the jury out on them but Coleman is a back that can be trusted. And coming off his best year as an RB behind an abysmal O-Line, he can reach that 1000 yard status that has eluded the Jets for a third year now.

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They should also target (if they are not already) Ziggie (Ansah- Lions), Fowler (Rams) and Clowney (Texans) for pass rushing. Jordan Jenkins cannot do it alone notching 7 sacks tied for first place on the team with Henry “Goose” Anderson. And having Brandon Copeland (who was lined up on the opposite side of him) is great and all but the Jets need a true honest-to-God Pass Rusher and they haven’t had one since John Abraham (2000-2005). That is saying a lot about a team who is top 5 in blitzing in the NFL. Grabbing one of these guys in addition to Jordan Jenkins and drafting Bosa, Allen Or Sweat in the draft can make the Jets dangerous again. Speaking of the draft…

Draft Projections

With the Jets holding the third overall pick and having picked up Sam Darnold last year in the draft, they are for once good on the QB thing. Now they can focus on other areas that need attention…which is just about everywhere. So the problem now is do the Jets give up a blue chip, high caliber level player to move back and acquire more picks or do they stay the course and get the blue-chip player and bolster their defense.

Let me run it down for you both ways:

#1 Staying the Course: Should the Jets stay the course at #3, depending on who is there at the time, there are conflicting reports that the Jets could grab Nick Bosa, Josh Allen or Quentin Williams. Yeah, the reports are that bad. Anyway, let’s say Bosa and Williams are gone and the Jets pick Allen. So let’s say they grab Benny Snell Jr. from Kentucky with their 3rd round pick, then a WR at #94, then O-line at #106, another WR at #141 and finally a D-Linemen at #219. Well, then they would have boosted their ranks at shallow positions and would be sitting pretty.

#2 Trading Back: Now while I enjoy the idea of having Josh Allen on the Jets so when they play Buffalo, the sack board can say NYJ Josh Allen sacked BUF Josh Allen, the seriousness is that they need picks. So here we will be trading with the cross-stadium rivals the NY Giants. The trade would consist of us swapping 1st round picks, getting their 3rd round pick, swapping 4th round picks and getting their 5 round pick in addition to their 2020 third round pick. So that is 3 extra picks between this draft and next years draft that they get.

If this were to play out, the Jets could draft Montez Sweat at #6, still grabbing Benny Snell Jr in the third, Antoine Wesley in the third, and David Edwards in the third.  For the 4th round, they could grab Jermaine Pratt to boost their inside MLB status. And then for the rest they can get another O-line in the fifth round, WR in the sixth and D-Line in the 7th round. By trading back, the Jets give up one blue chip player for multiple high talent level players instead, and I do believe that is a good deal.

So in conclusion, here is the roundup summary of everything the Jets need to do to beat the Pats, ‘Phins, and Bills and win the AFC East. Spend a lot of good money on quality players instead of a lot of money on short term players, trade back and get the picks so they can fill more holes, and grab O-line players to protect Sam so he can bring us to the glory place again.

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