Whether it is a Super Bowl MVP, a young quarterback looking for a shot to prove himself, or a fresh face in the NFL draft, the message is clear: the Jaguars want a new quarterback.

It is easy to see why Jacksonville is looking for a new quarterback at the helm. Disregarding his best game of 2018 (which happened to come against the world champion, New England Patriots) Bortles threw for just six touchdowns in the remaining 15 games (profootballreference.com, 2019).

After an improbable run to the AFC Championship game in 2017, Bortles could not keep the mojo alive. The front office in Duval knows that the window of opportunity for Jacksonville to win a Super Bowl is shutting quickly.

The Jaguars reportedly released Tashaun Gipson, Malik Jackson, and Carlos Hyde on Friday, freeing up $23 million in cap space (Dubin, 2019).

One of the targets at quarterback for Jacksonville this off-season is Nick Foles. Aside from several awesome nicknames, two unbelievable postseason runs in back-to-back years, and a Super Bowl MVP to his name, Foles is surprisingly underwhelming.

In 2017, Foles had one of the most impressive postseason performances in NFL history. His TD-INT ratio was 6-1. Well-done, Saint Nick. But what happened last year in the playoffs? Foles’s TD-INT ratio was just 3-4, bringing his career postseason TD-INT ratio to a not-so-impressive 9-5 (profootballreference.com, 2019).

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This information would be all fine and dandy if we were historians — but we are not. We are football fans, and we care about this year, not last year. That is right, Patriots fans — I am talking to you. It is time to move on.

So, how would Nick Foles improve the chances for Jacksonville to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Teal Town if the Jaguars were to snag him? Well, that is exactly what CBS Sportsline has calculated for us…

With BDN (Nick Foles, for those who are not familiar with the abbreviation) under center in Duval, the Jaguars are projected to win 6.6 games and they have a 14.1% chance to make it to the playoffs. Not to mention, the organization’s chances of winning the Super Bowl!

Not great odds, considering the price tag associate with Foles right now.

It is crunch-time for the Jaguars to win a Super Bowl behind its incredible defense. Every year this defense is going to change, and it is not likely that Jacksonville will be able to afford all of these key players when their contracts expire. This is why it is crucial that Jacksonville makes the right decision with who to pay as their quarterback for the 2019 season.

It is time to go big or go home for Jacksonville, and the bold city is tired of going home.

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