The Raiders signing Antonio Brown builds momentum. Period.

It’s finally a strike in the win column for Raider Nation. A.B. is a Pro Bowl receiver at a discount price. This makes The Amari Cooper trade an absolute steal, now. Thanks Dallas!

Sure, I am a little salty. I did not think the Raiders would roll the dice on him due to his antics, calling out the entire team and organization. Maybe part of me gave up hope.

New Era

Yet, here’s a reminder, we’re not in the Reggie McKenzie era anymore. This Raiders regime is ready to take chances.

Either way, Brown changes the entire dynamic of the Raiders roster. Oakland bought one of the league’s most dynamic receivers for a fifth and a third round pick. Even I can’t complain about that price.

Have you seen some of the Raiders’ recent third round picks? AB is better and will probably be better over the next three years than any third round pick.

For his career, Brown has 11,207 receiving yards and 74 touchdowns in 130 games. That includes 104 receptions, 15 touchdowns, and 1,297 yards. Brown’s contract is the catch.

Money Matters

Now, the Raiders invested an 8th of the salary cap into one facet of the game. Combine Brown’s salary ($22 million) with Carr’s ($22.5 million) equals a ton of cash for the passing game. This sort of commitment doesn’t make tons of sense for a team entering a rebuilding phase with lots of roster wholes.

Still, Brown is a game breaker. The Raiders are hoping he can stretch the field as well as connect with Car on tons of short and intermediate passes. Queue the screens and curls.

Let’s not forget Brown can take the ball to the house on run plays though too. The Raiders are going to use the 30-year-old as much as possible. Oakland should consider his salary.

What Brown Can Do

They’re banking on Brown’s infamous work ethic becoming contagious too. Derek Carr wanted him. Pro Bowl memes are going around. Que the culture change.

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Moreover, this is a gamble on Derek Carr. They talked about how he’s their quarterback at the combine. They showed him by getting a receiver. We will see how good D.C. is.

Nevertheless, who knows I still won’t rule out Kyler Murray to the Raiders at any pick. Carr might be the transition QB or the franchise cornerstone, but he’ll tell us soon.

As for what’s next, I’m expecting a lot of cuts. The Raiders have plenty of good contracts they can get out of. That investment in AB means roster trimming. Who knows though? The Raiders brought back some players from last year. They might still believe in Tahir Whitehead and Jordy Nelson as well as Seth Roberts and Jelly Bean Ellis. I hate to suggest anyone get cut, but teams do this anyways.


At the very least, Brown hates the Steelers and that’s enough for me. Between his holdouts and fallout with the team, I know he’s going to gun for Pittsburgh. If this works out I might squash that emancipate reception beef.

Let’s see how it plays out though. Let’s see how AB and Gruden mesh. Plus, see who gets called out first. Let’s see if the Raiders stick with Carr. Let’s see what receivers and running back they put around Carr and Brown. Is Le’Veon Bell next to join the Raiders?

Ultimately, the Raiders completely changed their status. They will get some free agents to take them serious AB will help recruit.

Sure, the Raiders switched up their strategy by finally making a move. Yes, they improved the talent on their roster. However, best of all they kept their three first rounders and second round draft pick. Even the National Media is giving them credit right now. That should stay constant if the A.B. is A.B. in Oakland.


I hope that Brown can help bring over even more talent. We’ll see what happens, but it seems like the Raiders finally got a win. Hopefully, all that glimmers is gold and the Raiders are back! Thanks Mr. Big Chest.

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