Tuesday is a huge night for teams looking to secure an NHL Playoff spot with eight games on the schedule. On top of it all, nearly every game has some sort of playoff implication tied to them. Let’s take a dive into some of the most important ones on the Tuesday slate.

Washington @ Pittsburgh

This could be a first-round preview depending on how the Metropolitan division ends up. As it stands neither of these teams occupies the second or third seeds in the Metro division but that could certainly change as time passes.

Boston @ Columbus

Columbus is in dire need of some wins. They have gone 2-2 since getting swept the first weekend of March including a winnable game against the Devils. Columbus is in a position where every point matters and a win versus the Bruins would be a great help.

Dallas @ Buffalo

This game is huge for the Stars, they are in the top wildcard spot but just one point above the Wild, and two points above the surging Arizona Coyotes. This game, depending on your perspective, is huge for the Sabres as well. I think they are too far out to make the playoffs. But if you do not, then this is certainly a critical game for Buffalo.

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Detroit @ Montreal

This is a game where Montreal needs to win. The Red Wings are one of the weaker teams in the league. There is no excuse for not getting 2 points in this one if you’re Montreal.

Arizona @ St. Louis

This is a great matchup, both teams could desperately use the points. And with a win, the Coyotes could leapfrog the idle Wild for the last wild-card slot.

Predators @ Ducks

Depending on how these games play out, the Predators have a chance to jump the Jets at the top of the Central Division. What needs to happen is the Predators need the Jets to lose in regulation and the Predators need to win. If the Jets lose in overtime the teams will be tied in points but the Jets would hold the tiebreaker for fewer games played, and then also Regulation and Overtime Wins (ROW).

-Kevin Gesterling covers the Pacific Division in the NHL’s Western Conference for Full Press Coverage. You can reach him on Twitter @kgesterling1.

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