2019 Raiders Draft Prospect: DE Maxx Crosby

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospect DE Maxx Crosby

2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Maxx Crosby

Position: Defensive End

School: Eastern Michigan University

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 255 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3


Pass Rush

When you observe Crosby’s film up close, you see an abundance of skill foundation. That is to say, he brings an arsenal of technique strung together by athleticism and heart. First, notice the flexibility. Crosby expertly bends the corner by dipping his shoulder, sliding by offensive tackles that cannot get their feet out. In all honesty, he breaks the conventional, tiresome tropes. Crosby strings together quick hands, cat-like flexibility and a diverse arsenal. While he can win going wide, watch for the inside move, push/pull and swim.

Run Stuffing

Crosby flashes to the inside, constricting running lanes, stopping the running where he stands. Despite sacrificing 60-plus pounds in weight, he gets that step and knifes towards the ball carrier.


While his 40 time at the Combine opened eyes (4.66), watching his game tape already told you what you needed to know. From the snap, Crosby’s burst and gait projects as explosive. When bearing down on the ballcarrier, he closes with quickness. Whether it is ten yards or backside pursuit, he interjects himself into the play.

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Standing 6’5” and possessing a vast tackle radius, Crosby engulfs the ballcarrier with a strong grip, and above-average close. Additionally, his target zone and approach appear excellent. Crosby’s quick hands help him dislodge the ball. Regardless of that skill being innate or drilled, forcing eight fumbles in three seasons gathers attention. The punch is sudden, crisp, and effective. More importantly, he will secure the stop before attempting to rip the ball away. People forget that tackling starts with mental processing. Crosby remembers.

Raiders Fit

In all honesty, the Raiders will address the defensive line early in the draft. However, Mike Mayock is not an idiot. He already knows what Crosby brings to the table. First, an athletic pass rusher, entering the league with a pass rush foundation to build upon. Next, blessed with a frame that could add size, Crosby gives the Raiders an immediate boost to the depth chart. Unlike most rookies that need to learn how to build a repertoire, Crosby will start from ahead. On the field, his closing speed and knack for creating mayhem will give the Raiders another pass rusher that will help Paul Guenther build his defense the way he finally wants.


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