2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Chris Lindstrom

Position: Guard

School: Boston College

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 308 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 2

Pass Blocking

From the snap, Lindstrom loves the chess game. Regardless of move that a defender uses, he appears ready. If he encounters a spin, Lindstrom will not allow the rusher to pick a shoulder, stalling the move out. When an opponent goes for the classic rip, watch Lindstrom hands adjust and immediately counter. Now, with bull rushes, Lindstrom tries to use nimble feet and crisp technique. Yet, at the next level, he will need to occasionally meet power with power. After all, playing guard means he is seeing stronger defensive opponents. If Lindstrom adds a little power, he will excel within the passing game.

Run Blocking

While Lindstrom needs strength in the passing game, he will take like a fish to water in this aspect. With excellent feet, this will show itself on pulls and traps. When blocking downhill, Lindstrom’s quick rise out of his stance allows him that split-second advantage over a bigger, presumably slower lineman. As mentioned, the strength component, especially on the inside needs a little work. However, he fights from snap to whistle with an uncanny feistiness that will wear an opponent down later in the game.

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On the inside, Lindstrom excels with technical acumen. His hands and feet appear coordinated. When he faces a countermove, look for the rapid hand placement and adjustment.

Raiders Fit

When the Oakland Raiders officially trade Kelechi Osemele this week, this opens up an immediate spot for Lindstrom. While he does not possess the earth-moving strength that Osemele boasts, Lindstrom resembles more of the lineman that Tom Cable prefers. With outstanding agility and timing, Lindstrom gives the Raiders athleticism that the line needs. With the change from Mike Tice and his power approach, the brutality aspect of the line begins to fade. With Jon Gruden depending on a stout running game, he needs Tom Cable’s linemen to fit his vision. As much as the fanbase loves Osemele’s blend of legal violence and relentless aggression, he is miscast. Lindstrom checks all of the boxes that the Raiders seek in a lineman. Plus, GM Mike Mayock , a Boston College alum keeps the closest of eye of all of their draft prospects. With that said, Lindstrom should immediately start for the Raiders.

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