2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Ryan Finley

Position: Quarterback

School: North Carolina State University

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 215 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3


Pocket Presence

With the rush bearing down on him, Finley will slide or drift away from the heat. If the end ventures wide, Finley will climb the ladder and get the ball out. More importantly, he feels and maneuvers around the blitz. In addition, reading defenses evolved for Finley. Playing in the construct of a pro offense will benefit him at the next level.

Arm Strength

While Finley throws an excellent deep ball, hi arm is not going to torture safeties. That is more of a testament to the offense. If Finley wants to stretch the field, he will find the wideout vertically with ease.


To the thrill of any future coordinator, Finley displays excellent footwork. More importantly, he does not appear to lose any steam on his throws while moving the pocket. In addition, Finley can escape the rush and turn a broken play into appositive gain. Now, do not expect him to break off consistent any 35-yard runs, but positive yardage works.

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With a five-year stay in college, Finley learned the patience to scan the scan. More importantly, unlike some, he does not birddog wideouts. That is to say, he will not drop, see, and throw without ensuring that he is making the smartest possible throw.


During his career, first in Boise, then in Raleigh, Finley improved his touch. Looking at each level of throws, the intermediate passes standout. Initially, Finley struggles with balancing arc and velocity. Eventually, he learned how to successfully manage this trait.

Raiders Fit

As of this writing, the Raiders released backup quarterback AJ McCarron. Regardless of whether he returns, the team needs a better talent at backup. Granted, McCarron steps on the field with a well-earned reputation of as winner in college. However, this is not Tuscaloosa and McCarron reached his ceiling. Meanwhile, Jon Gruden must want a rookie signalcaller to finally develop. After years of hosting TV camps, Ryan Finley could be the one for the Raiders. With his touch and mobility, Gruden can mold Finley into the quarterback that he always wanted to have. Now, some want the Raiders to draft a passer higher, but with defensive holes to fill, drafting lower feels like the smart move. While Derek Carr plays in Year 2 of the Gruden offense, Finley will soak up the knowledge and grab preseason/blowout snaps.

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