NAME: Clelin Ferrell


SCHOOL: Clemson

HEIGHT: 6’5’’

WEIGHT: 260 pounds

Due to an active first week of the new league year, the Kansas City Chiefs outlook has changed. As a result of losing both Dee Ford and Justin Houston, it’s time to look at drafting an edge rusher, possibly even in Round 1. I could also see the Chiefs possibly trading up a little bit to get an impact defender. Whether they trade up or not, I think this particular edge rusher could be high on the Chiefs radar. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the breakdown of Clelin Ferrell and his attributes.

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Ferrell does not present the bend and dip type of pass rush like other top edge rushers in this class. His corner rush is not nonexistent though, as Ferrell is able to fool offensive tackles with his physical rush through contact. He has improved each season in quickness as well. This is partly due to his continued recovery from a torn ACL in 2014.


Pass Rush Technique/Counters

Ferrell is most successful by hand fighting and swimming through blocks. His arm length allows him to quick step inside of blockers as well. Furthermore, there are often times where you will see Ferrell time to perfectly jump the snap. Consequently, this can hurt him in the form of offside penalties. But overall, he does a fine job of timing his rush and countering offensive lineman’s reaches. Ferrell rips through blocks well and he is violent with this when turning the corner. If he can continue to lower his pad level, Ferrell will become even better.



I thought a lot about new Chiefs signing Alex Okafor by seeing how Ferrell tackles. Similarly, Ferrell has range and that helps set the edge and contain ball carriers. His ability to play physical and hand fight with blockers can also make runners hesitant and indecisive behind the line of scrimmage. This has led to many tackles for loss for him, as Ferrell finished at Clemson with 50.5. Even if Ferrell does not end up making all of the tackles, his angles are always well tracked which leads to his teammates closing in on the ball carriers.

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Ferrell has an extra gear that may not jump out but helps him increasingly when running laterally. He realizes what he can and cannot do when in space, so he times his burst well. With this, Ferrell stands up blockers at the line of scrimmage if needed and he is sneaky in stressing against the blocks. His quickness is nothing to write home about, but still an advantage to him rather than a liability.


Chiefs Fit

Ferrell projects as a perfect fit as a 4-3 defensive end. With his build (6’5’’, 260) this would also give the Chiefs a larger defender similar to Chris Jones and Okafor. If he were to pair with them, Ferrell would be a role that he could slide into without having to be relied on with high expectations. The ability Ferrell presents in both the pass rush and run defense makes him a low ceiling defender who can continue to develop. He’s not going to be an athletic freak like Nick Bosa or Brian Burns for example, but with strong coaching, Ferrell can develop and reach his potential.

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