2019 Raiders Draft Prospect: QB Brett Rypien

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospect QB Brett Rypien

2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Brett Rypien


Position: Quarterback

School: Boise State University


Height: 6’2”

Weight: 210 pounds


Draft Projection: Day 3



Pocket Presence

From his first day in Boise, Rypien faced pressure. The pressure to keep the Bronco program trending in the right direction. Under those circumstances, nothing that occurs in the game pressure-wise fazes him. Rypien feels the rush, but does not panic because of it. He will slide around the pocket, standing in to deliver the throw.



To his credit, Rypien’s drop, setup, and release are textbook. Showing no hesitation, and combined with good footwork, the ball flies from his hand. Regardless of pattern, down or distance, he repeats the motion each time. That model of consistency is difficult to find in a young passer.


Arm Strength

At best, Rypien possesses adequate arm strength. However, on intermediate and short throws, he features enough accurate zip to all for YAC. On the other hand, the deep ball can serve as an issue. First, Rypien struggles with velocity on vertical routes. The ball will drift on sideline passes.



Despite his smallish frame, Rypien is not going to outrun anyone. If chased, he will not shake anyone. Instead, Rypien will generate enough separation to throw the ball away.

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In watching Rypien on film, this trait ranks as his best. Whether it is finding a wideout in stride or threading the needle, he accomplishes each with relative ease. More importantly, Rypien’s timing of his throws moves the offense. For examples, on crossers or drags, the ball arrives at the precise moment that sees a defensive back lag slightly behind.


Raiders Fit

As of this writing, Nathan Peterman occupies the backup role. That’s right, if anything happens to Derek Carr, the Raiders will turn to him. Now, we have seen Peterman on the field. As a result, that makes the need to draft a quarterback later more important. In addition, as anyone who follows the Raiders and Jon Gruden knows that he loves coaching quarterbacks. Rypien will not dazzle anyone with highlight reel throws or sprint fifty yards for the Raiders. Yet, what he will do is keep a sharp focus in the game, spread the ball around, and move the ball effectively. In essence, he is a perfect backup if the Raiders need someone capable. On top of that, Carr would not fear losing his job to Rypien. He would bring another winning mindset to the team.


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