So in case you missed it, Howie Roseman is a certifiable wizard. As the free agency flood was seemingly dying down, Roseman hits the league with a tidal wave, grabbing Jordan Howard from the Bears for a 6th round pick. Yeah, you read that right, that’s practically nothing. So with the Eagles now having bolstered their biggest position of need, what’s next for the Birds?

How About the Draft

Anyone who’s been keeping up with Eagles’ draft news knows that they’ve been eyeing up Alabama running back Josh Jacobs. But now that Philly has Howard, is the Jacob’s hype dead? Not at all. Howard is merely a band-aid over the hole that is the Eagle’s running back situation. Jay Ajayi and Darren Sproles are all but gone, and Corey Clement, Wendell Smallwood, Jordan Howard, and possibly Josh Adams are not scaring anyone. Josh Jacob’s is still the guy to get for Philly, but this doesn’t take Howard’s value away.

Ajayi’s Replacement

As I mentioned before, Ajayi is about three-quarters out the door. His injury proneness (if that’s a word) was a risk Eagles’ staff were unwilling to pay for. However, this left Philly looking for a reliable goal line back–that is until tonight. Howard fills a huge need for Philadelphia, and adds the only thing close to a veteran presence in their running back room. This is also important to note if Philly does indeed take Josh Jacobs. The trade takes much of the pressure off of Jacobs if Philly takes him by supplying the backfield with a proven, but still youthful, power back. Roseman not only alleviated a need, but upgraded at the position as well.

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Carson Wentz Has to Be Excited

In an offseason where Wentz has already been gifted a once-in-a-generation deep threat in Desean Jackson, he gets another present. Wentz has a special arm, we all know that, but injury has limited his ability to use it. And much of that has to do with the lack of a consistent rushing attack. Jordan Howard is going to go a long way to change that. Wentz can now drop back in the pocket without fear of the pass rush knowing exactly what’s coming. The entire success of the offense is no longer predicted on Wentz’s arm. The backfield is far from complete, but Howard adds a dimension to the offense that Wentz hasn’t had since LeGarrette Blount. And I think we all remember how that season ended.

Jordan Howard is a Home Run

It’s only appropriate on the MLB’s opening day for the Eagles to hit a home run of their own. Jordan Howard is an instant impact player for the Eagles, one the whole fan base should be excited about. Only time may tell how Howard’s time in Philly will go, but the upside is there and the hole is now a little smaller. So if I may, let me repeat: Howie Roseman is a wizard.


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