2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Connor McGovern

Position: Guard

School: Penn State University

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 308 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3

Pass Blocking

When facing athletic tackles, McGovern lets them play himself out of position. That is to say, he anticipates the move and counters to negate it. Additionally, he maintains his hands after the initial punch, which is usually brutal upon contact. At the next level, he must continue to use those heavy hands to thwart quicker three-techniques.

Run Blocking

In the run game, watch McGovern’s feet and base. He will not narrow, forcing the tackle to attempt to pick a shoulder. Unfortunately, for the rusher, McGovern keeps churning forward with strong steps. Meanwhile, he locks on with power and will steer the defender away from the ball or drive him solidly into the ground without hesitation.


While McGovern can use technical hands to thwart power, he prefers to meet it with force of his own. For example, with a forklift move, McGovern sinks his hips, preventing the defensive tackle from gaining leverage. For the duration that play, the longer the attempt at muscling McGovern, the worse the outcome for the defender.

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Now, this is not one of McGovern’s strong suits. Although he is not heavy-legged, the footwork does not contain much burst. Yet, McGovern realizes this limitation, but does not deter him from making sound decisions versus quicker defensive tackles.

Raiders Fit

In essence, McGovern fits the requirement that the Raiders want from their linemen. Specifically, Tom Cable likes nasty lineman that play to the shadow of the whistle. With Gabe Jackson and Rodney Hudson occupying two-thirds of the middle of the line, a void exists. As Kelechi Osemele left via trade, the Raiders boast depth but may not currently employ a starter at right guard. With McGovern, the Raiders could roll out a line of maulers that gives Jon Gruden what he wants: a smashmouth line. If you look into the future, with Rodney Hudson advancing in age, McGovern could eventually supplant him at center. Either way, the Raiders could see the potential Day 3 prospect as a long-term solution.

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