NAME: Chase Winovich


SCHOOL: Michigan

HEIGHT: 6’3’’

WEIGHT: 255 pounds

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As we look towards the next draft profile, it’s time to view another EDGE defender. Today’s player is not the pure pass rusher like others in this class like Nick Bosa, Josh Allen and Brian Burns for example. But, Chase Winovich is a tenacious defensive player. I think he would fit in sort of like a recent Chiefs signee, Alex Okafor. Let’s take a look at some of Winovich’s attributes.

Pass Rush Moves

I mentioned in the beginning that Winovich is not a pass rusher that displays bend around the corner like some of the other EDGE prospects. He does a nice job though of fighting through blocks inside and hand fighting to rush the quarterback. The steps he takes to get through blocks are sneaky, and Winovich can surprise with his fighting through contact. His hand fighting is his favorite move to use, swim moves are another well-used move too. Winovich also sets himself up well to get off blocks to change rush lanes.


Winovich is clearly not the most explosive defensive player. He is very good at running laterally though. Winovich may not run down every opposing ball carrier when running sideline to sideline, but he puts himself in position to force opponents to have to chose to move around him. This usually results in his teammates being close to making the tackle. When running into the middle of the field to make the tackle, Winovich shows a slight burst in short area situations.


Winovich’s strength is his biggest benefit in order to finish tackles. Once he snatches a runner they usually are not going to break a tackle. There are times where Winovich does miss tackles when he loses his balance. When he’s tackling a runner, he comes in at a well-aimed strike zone. But when rushing quarterbacks, Winovich is a little less consistent with that. There are times where he’ll come in too low for sacks.

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Run Defending

As mentioned, Winovich comes in with authority at a good pad level and wraps up opponents with his above average strength. With the way Michigan ran their defense, Winovich was mixed inside at times too, and this helped him understand plugging holes and reading blockers. He has a tendency to get blockers to stand up straight and stop moving their feet. This allows for Winovich to disengage off of blocks and crash down to create havoc and make tackles.

Chiefs Fit

I mentioned that he could be similar to Okafor for the Chiefs. Winovich’s ability to stand up blockers and move both inside and outside of blockers with patience could allow him to rack up a good number of tackles. He may never become a sack artist, but Winovich has the ability to be a polished, consistent defender. The bottom line on Winovich is that he is competitive, tough and relentless. KC would not mind adding that to a defense that is getting a complete makeover.

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