NAME: Montez Sweat


SCHOOL: Mississippi State

HEIGHT: 6’6’’

WEIGHT: 260 pounds

Today I take a look at a player that would be a game changer to the Chiefs pass rush. Excitement with Montez Sweat has been rising up according to the pre-draft rumors, following his wildly successful NFL Combine testing. Now let’s take a look at his attributes.

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The fact Sweat was able to run a 4.41 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine at his size, is truly incredible. Above all, his explosiveness is a big part of his game. From his tape, it seemed like some of that was hidden in 2017. But in 2018, he unleashed more of that explosiveness and speed when chasing down opposing quarterbacks. There are times when Sweat is caught standing straight up. This is when he’s unable to push forward and Sweat is caught in an awkward position. When Sweat gets a free release though, he covers ground quickly and clogs up the backfield.

Pass Rush Technique/Counters

Sweat does not rush the quarterback often by bending around the corner. In contrast, it’s all about his arm length and hand fighting. The good thing for Sweat is by using this technique, he is smart enough to change up his counters and not continuously use the same move to get by blockers. He loves to rip and club through opponents’ arms. Sweat also takes wide angles to rush around these opponents. It’s also evident that he does a good job of reading the offensive line. Then, Sweat generates a different plan as to how to attack the blockers. A very well thought, timed style of pass rush.

Run Defense

Sweat is just as good of a run defender as he is a pass rusher. Again it’s all about his arm length. By setting the edge with his arms, there are opportunities to squeeze and clamp down on gaps. With his planning on how to attack offensive lines, Sweat is also very aware of the ball carrier’s style and tendencies. His tackling can be a little lacking at times, but that is most likely just nitpicking with his strengths to get in position on run defense.

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Furthermore, Sweat has a non-stop motor. He is a tenacious defender who loves to lock horns with blockers. He plays with an exuberant effort. The relentlessness in his pursuit of chasing down quarterbacks and getting off of blocks to get there is unwavering throughout the entirety of a game. As a result, he was able to have some productive seasons in college. Maybe that will continue in the NFL.

Chiefs Fit

There are other top edge defenders who are going to be untouchable and won’t last for Kansas City’s first pick. Sweat still has the ability to be a top ten player in this class, and it would be a pipe dream if the Chiefs were to be able to select him. I think his draft value could still be fluctuating in what NFL teams may think of him. But the bottom line is, the Chiefs have the assets to trade up and get him in that middle first round range if he is still there. We have heard of general manager Brett Veach possibly wanting to trade up to draft an impact defender as well. That explains the moves that he has made this offseason by accumulating more assets in future draft selections.

Sweat is a natural fit as a 4-3 defensive end. He is versatile enough to play with both of his hands in the ground as well as standing up on the edge. Whether he is rushing the passer or defending the run, Sweat projects as a player who will have a big production output early when on the field.

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