2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Erik McCoy

Position: Guard

School: Texas A&M University

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 329 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 2

Pass Blocking

As a guard, Ford excels versus pass rusher. First, he negates the bull rush with a thumping punch. Ford brings his hand up and drives the rusher vertical. Even if it is a draw, that is a win for him. More importantly, he cannot be pushed around and outmuscled by an opponent. Granted, Ford does not solely rely on raw power to win. By sliding with strangely quick feel, he meets the defender before any momentum begins.

Run Blocking

Due to his demeanor and physicality, Ford loves punishing in the run game. While he can get to the second level, Ford brings his mass and thump with him. Normally, some guards get upfield and either lack the steam to finish a block or end up behind them. Meanwhile, Ford clears a wide berth at the line of scrimmage. Additionally, he works well in concert with other lineman. Oklahoma’s offensive line operated a cohesive unit.

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If you watch Ford’s film and match that against quotes from his teammates and opponents, you see fire. In other words, he shows no retreat or back down before, during, and after the play. While some will test the boundaries of tough play, Ford will not use anything cheap. He wants to manhandle the defender with force.

Raiders Fit

In this modern version of the Oakland Raiders, Ford easily slides into the starting lineup at right guard. With his strength and quickness, he models as a Tom Cable lineman. Cable likes toughness, mixed with athleticism and the timing to wear defenses down. As mentioned, Jon Gruden loves the smashmouth, power-running approach. In the AFC West, the Raiders must bludgeon teams with the run, grinding them down. As a result, late in games, Ford’s mass and power will break the will of defensive tackles. The Raiders have a pressing need at right guard and despite offseason moves, should employ a draft pick there.


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