So with the draft coming up and with all the new reports of different players going at different times, this seemed like a good time to throw in another mock draft. This time exclusively for the New York Jets.

Now I am solely focusing on the Jets and this will be a non-traded mock draft, so for clarification the Jets will draft at the picks they currently own; not with a possible trade scenario because that will be another mock draft later on.

The Jets Picks (including the ones they have traded away and the ones received): #3, #34(traded to Colts 2018) #68, #94 (via NOLA), #106, #141(traded to Oakland For KO 2019), #178 (traded to NOLA) #198 (via Chicago), #219

With the #3 Overall Pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the New York Jets Select…

Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky

This pick is a no brainer. Though the Jets have openly said they will be wanting to trade this away should the offer be good enough. With trades being exempt from this mock draft, Josh Allen should be the pick here for NY. Depending on if he is on the board, the Jets need to grab him at all costs.

I understand the needs of wanting to grab Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams, but NY needs an edge rusher. The last time they had one was early 2000, like pre-Revis time. Bosa worries me simply because he got hurt and never showed himself at his pro day so I don’t know if he will 100% and different like his brothers or he will fall into the Joey Bosa despair.

Also, Josh Allen had the opportunity to come to the NFL last year and while he wouldn’t be picked very high like this year with only 7 sacks and a couple of forced fumbles, he decided to stay at Kentucky and went on to become SEC Defensive player of the year and stack up 17 sacks along the way. I like his major bounce back/upgrade in terms of a player.

#68: Bryce Love, RB, Standford / Benny Snell Jr, RB, Kentucky

Yes, I do realize that I put two names there but that is because they are merely the same.  The Jets need to add more to the backfield. And yes, I know they just signed Le’Veon Bell, but there are genuine worries with a man who sat out for an entire year. The Jets need to be prepared for everything that will happen including if Bell is not up to par.

Enter either one of these two running backs. Bryce Love is a running back favorite who would have gone in the first round, but due to an injury his stock fell hard. If not picked up in the second round, then he is a steal in the third for the simple fact this Heisman Trophy nominee runner is something special when healthy.

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The same goes for Snell who has some history with the Jets and has publicly spoken out that he wants to play for the Jets. With Elijah McGuire still coming into his own, and Bell potentially working off that rust,  the Jets will need another RB. And yes, Trenton Cannon is more of a return specialist type RB, not really a cowbell that the Jets need.

#94: Deebo Samuel, Antoine Wesley, or Terry McLaurin

Honestly, it is a crap shoot on who will be at this spot but one thing is certain, it has to be a wide receiver.

The addition of Jamison Crowder is a nice touch but unless the Jets will be running a double slant route until they are blue in the face, things must change. Robby is a deep threat and with Crowder and Enunwa running a double slant, they either have to really use Bell and Herndon in the passing game or this ball will barely move.

Another WR down the stretch will greatly help with this, so the Jets can run a 4-WR set and have Bell as a backup.

#106 Connor McGovern

With the offensive weapons taken care of, it is time to address the O-Line. And I know what you are thinking: “O-Linemen in the fourth and later rounds? They cannot be any good.”

Well, actually, these guys have a chip on their shoulder which makes them great candidates because they have something to prove. They have to prove that falling this far will make a steal for someone else and McGovern will do just that. A center from Penn State who once helped Saquon Barkley (you know the 2nd pick overall in the 2018 draft) reach all-star status. McGovern can be a great addition to help out Bell become his old self and take the Jets to playoffs.

#198 – #219

These two picks are going to say the same thing so it is better to combine them. Draft O-Line or D-Line and in this area the men are separated from the boys. This is when a GM earns his stripes.

You can say a lot about Mike Maccagnan, but in the later rounds, he finds decent diamonds if not great diamonds. Just from last year’s draft he got Trenton Cannon, Perry Nickerson, and Foley Fatukasi. Now he hasn’t always hit pay dirt (see 2017 draft) but if he could find an O-Line or a D-linemen in these rounds then prepare to watch a guy fight for his life with a major chip on his shoulder, these rounds would be the most interesting.

To give you an example of a later round player who went on to greatness with massive chips on their shoulders: (Terrell Davis #196 Sixth Rd; Shannon Sharpe #192 Seventh Rd; Richard Sherman #154 Fifth Rd; Johnny Unitas #102 Ninth Rd). Sorry if it is a little stacked with HoFers but a point needs to get across.

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