FPC Raiders Roundtable: QB Issue

Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden

Unlike many NFL teams, the Oakland Raiders currently employ a franchise starter. Yet, with the the affinity for quarterbacks that Jon Gruden has, one begins to wonder about Carr’s future. To discuss this FPC Raiders writers Ray Aspuria and Terrance Biggs discuss the quarterback situation.

What is your honest interpretation of the Raiders hosting Kyler Murray?


see it as equal parts due diligence and genuine interest. Jon Gruden has a long history of being enamored with quarterbacks – just look at his Gruden’s QB Camp show on ESPN as exhibit A. Like Gruden told NFL Sirius Radio at the scouting combine, “how could you not like this kid?”.

Murray had only one season of established play, however, what a season it was. The 5-foot-10 gunslinger showed off a strong and precise arm and the legs to go along with that. A true dual threat, Murray is the type of quarterback that seemingly is tailor made for this generation of NFL offenses.


In essence, Jon Gruden could play the long game. That is to say, Murray visited the Raiders could serve a myriad of purposes. First, Gruden gets to talk to a top draft pick and see if he is Raiders material. Second, the meeting sends a message to teams that need a quarterback, Oakland could trade the fourth pick.

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If you are Derek Carr, what  3 things about this draft will tell you about the future?


  1. Drafting a young guard, tight end, and running back means that Carr is a priority. Gruden will need to lean on him for veteran leadership.
  2. If they draft a quarterback late, Gruden wants a project. Carr’s job is safe. Gruden learned under Andy Reid, who flipped Kevin Kolb and Aj Feeley for second-round picks.
  3. Edge rushers would help hold a lead. With a lead, late in games, the Raiders can wear opponents down in the fourth.


  1. Gruden is serious about giving me a semblance of an NFL-caliber defense if he takes prospects in the first round. I can only score so many points; I need a defense that can at least provide a speed bump to the opposing offenses.
  2. If Gruden does not take a QB early, I can solely focus on my on-field play and attitude. If he takes a signal caller early, I view that as a fire lit under my butt, but in the back of my head, I know that kid is going to be Jon’s new pet project.
  3. Get me a young running back, tight end, and wide receiver in the draft and I will make sure it pays dividends in Oakland and Las Vegas. I’m the high-priced QB and giving me all the weaponry possible gives me no excused not to throw for more than 35 touchdowns.

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