Raiders 2019 Draft Prospect: Ty Summers

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospect LB Ty Summers

2019 Raiders Draft Prospect

Name: Ty Summers

Position: Inside Linebacker

School: Texas Christian University

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 241 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3



Flying toward the ball is nothing new for Summers. In concert with his vision and anticipation, he makes up distance in an eyeblink. Notching 10.5 sacks as a non-rush linebacker remains impressive. If you look deeper at his explosion, realize how measure it is. Instead of streaking all over the field, Summers closes well and finishes the play.


While surrendering 50-plus pounds in size, Summers exhibits excellent strength. He can shed blocks with a force from linemen. Using proper technique and daring, he discards the blocker and makes his way to the ball.


Despite lofty numbers in Fort Worth, room for improvement exists. However, let’s look at the positives first. Summers is a pop tackler with the knack for driving through the target. H coils and explodes through the ball carrier. Yet, occasionally, there is a need for improvement in space. However, this appears like a technical glitch and not an overarching problem.

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Although Summers carries excellent speed with him, dropping back in short areas feels like his forte. With his ability to track the ball, he’ll meet backs in the flat or the occasional tight end short.


While TCU’s stingy defense starts with a blistering pass rush, Summers’ tenacity and willingness to get dirty, physical and angry set the tone. At the next level, his ability to affect plays in both the run and pass games stands out.

Raiders Fit

With Burfict, Marshall and Whitehead, the 2019 Raiders appear to have their starters. However, with the first two on one-year deals, Oakland still needs help with their linebacker depth. Only Nicholas Morrows appears to possess the athletic traits that the modern NFL require. Summers, through testing appears to share some of those skills. With his speed and feel for the game, he should adapt quickly to the pro game. Yet, while sitting behind veterans could serve as a benefit for his development. During his wait to ascend the depth chart, The Raiders could employ Summers on special teams. Granted, no college standout wants to begin their NFL journey on coverage units. Yet, NFL snaps remain the key. For Summers , who profiles as a team guy, special teams could serve as the stepping stone to playing a meaningful role with the defense. Either way, with his drafting, the Raiders improve.

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