WrestleMania endured many difficulties. Yet, the days after serves as a hard reset to storylines, freshening up stale scenarios became a necessity. How will Wrestlemania 35 affect the rest of the year?

The Sullivan Factor

After disappearing from TV for months, Sullivan finally emerged on Smackdown and Raw. By demolishing both Kurt Angle and the Hardyz, fans took notice. WWE needs to handle this carefully. Any loss of momentum could result in him being nothing more than a comedy act. If they book him properly, embracing his monster persona, he will see main event level success.

Kofi and the New Day

Kofi Kingston won the WWE Championship in what was a MOTY candidate. Nevertheless, with the title, one might eventually about the fate of the New Day? With Big E sidelined with an injury, this could lead to a potential Xavier Woods turn. This isn’t very likely to happen. New Day is such a merchandise machine. As a result, there is no real reason for them to disband. Kofi is a fighting champion, but the New Day interfering in future championship matches would be a good way to turn.

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205 is Still Alive

Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese wrestled lights out at Wrestlemania and another great match on this past week’s 205 Live. The cruiserweights deliver excellent matches on the grandest stage and consistently prove their worth. Unfortunately, many don’t take their athleticism with enough respect. However, Tony Nese will continue to thrill crowds with his matches.

Banks Curious Statement

Reports indicate that Sasha Banks and Bayley were not happy when being told at essentially the last second that they were going to drop the titles. Through multiple social media posts, Banks expressed her frustration in the most passive-aggressive way possible. Apparently, the duo laid on floor of their hotel room, screaming at whomever would listen. As of 4/13/19, Sasha Banks unfollowed WWE on Twitter, but followed AEW. This might lead to WWE granting her release, or making her sit out her contract. Whether how this situation continues throughout the year or not, it bears watching.

The Champ is Here

Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair put on a classic at Wrestlemania, leading to Becky Lynch holding both belts. Becky is carrying a big load as she will have to defend both titles. On the subsequent Raw and Smackdown, she entered into a program with Lacey Evans, which should be an interesting one.


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