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Okaland Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch

While the Raiders carefully plot their draft strategy, one question stands out. With Marshawn Lynch’s status up in the air, what happens? In Lynch, the Raiders enjoy a thundering lead back with a year or two possibly left. Yet, the team appears uncertain of his future. FPC Raiders writers Pete Camarillo, Ray Aspuria and Kenneth Berry discuss Marshawn Lynch, his legacy and what he meant to the Raiders.

If Lynch retires, what is his Raider legacy?


A hometown legend who played for his hometown team, nothing more. Lynch’s East Bay legacy will always overshadow his Raiders legacy. The Raiders didn’t enjoy Beast in his prime, but the community always has and always will. What he accomplished for the East Bay as a humanitarian will outshine his impact as a football player. Yes, football allowed Lynch to give back, but when all is said and done, BeastMode will be a paragon of a human to the area.


I’ll always remember Lynch for his locks waving as he danced in that Jets blow out during his first season in Oakland. Otherwise, his Raider legacy on the field isn’t much. It will be amplified as he continues to be pro-Oakland and fight for the betterment of the area.


Lynch was the gift the city of Oakland needed but the player they didn’t deserve. Gruden totally misused him.

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People will question Lynch’s HOF credentials. Does he make it and how do you judge him by his contemporaries, AP, etc?


Those people are stupid. Lynch was overshadowed by one of the greatest football players in NFL history at any position. Adrian Peterson is a freak of nature.


Lynch ranks No. 29 on the all-time rushing list. Moreover, 15 of those runners ahead of him are Hall of Famers. In addition, 14 behind him are in the hall, as well. Lynch’s running style is unique and Beast Mode is a term that is not only used for him, but other runners who pulverize then run away from defenders. I believe Lynch will make it to Canton based off his running style, yards compiled and postseason performances. His run against the Saints is still an all-timer. He won’t be a first-ballot type of guy, but his bust will be enshrined in the hall eventually.


Given that he is playing during an era when RBs are devalued, Lynch does have a claim to being one of the best in the generation. Especially how he reinvented himself in Seattle after Buffalo.

However, will Lynch make the Hall? This one is tough because you gotta factor in how many great Pro Bowl running backs that never sniff the Hall. You also must factor in the suspensions early in his career and the year retirement that cost him time and stats. Add in the off-field media and social media personality and it is probably enough for him to be a finalist. He’ll probably get in but unfortunately it might take forever given there’s probably voting media members who are sour grapes on him. I just hope he doesn’t have to die to get in like Ken Stabler or get snuffed every year like Tom Flores.


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