Raiders Decision: BPA or Need?

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospect Quinnen Williams
Alabama's Quinnen Williams. Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Before the Raiders make their first selection, internal debate probably continues to rage within the offices in Alameda. Now, that is not to say any animosity. The battle potentially happening with the Raiders occurs in every single organization. The debate between drafting for need versus best player available takes a different spin for Oakland


Best Player Available or BPA Is a theory that some NFL teams use that helps them during the draft process. Regardless of needs, teams will draft the top player remaining on the board.

2019 Raiders Potential Example: Alabama DT Quinnen Williams

After the team drafted PJ Hall and Maurice Hurst and re-signed Johnathan Hankins and Jelly Ellis, the need for another defensive tackle doesn’t exist. However, Williams  would immediately become the best defensive tackle on the roster. His blend of size and speed will give him the advantage over his teammates.

Pros: Despite need, BPA automatically improves an aspect of your team. In Quinnen Williams’ case, pairing him with Mo Hurst would give the Raiders a serious internal threat on passing downs.

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Cons: If teams choose the route, they neglected a pressing need. For the Raiders, an edge rusher remains the priority. If they choose Williams over Josh Allen, Nick Bosa, or Montez Sweat, the team is sacrificing an elite edge rusher

Mayock Quote

“We could move up and you got to know what you are trying to do and how you are trying to do it,” Mayock said. “You can try to increase your draft capital by moving down or you stay the same, and four of the first 35 picks gives you an opportunity to consider all those scenarios, multiple times, and again, that’s why we are opening up the lines of communication with all the teams around the league. I keep telling our guys, and you guys have heard me say this before, we need to be nimble, and nimble means depending on what the situation is to be able to react quickly according to the situation and make the right decision.”

While Jon Gruden can irritate with meandering talking, Mayock’s straightforward speech serves as a welcome departure. If people are honest, no one will know the intentions of the Oakland Raiders until they hear the commissioner speaks.



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