In every sense, football games are decided at the line of scrimmage. If either side of the ball begins to impose their will, the opponents will buckle under the weight of dominance. As a result, the truly great teams establish themselves on both sides of the ball. For the Oakland Raiders, so many questions abound about how they can assert themselves along the line of scrimmage.

Should people trust Tom Cable?

If you are honesty, only Jon Gruden’s opinion matters about trusting his offensive line coach. However, entering his second of a contracted decade, the Raiders cannot afford to endure long-term offensive line issues. In his favor, the Raiders did average 4.2 yards per rush. Yet, how much of that could Cable claim? Meanwhile, he did cobble together a line featuring two rookies, missing his All-Pro left guard for a part of 2018.

On the other hand, Cable and in part, Gruden made questionable decisions that did affect the offensive line as a whole. First, when reports of rookie tackle Kolton Miller surfaced, Cable and Gruden left him in these games. Granted, rookies need game reps. However, with a team headed for a losing season, it doesn’t make too much sense to run an injured rookie left tackle out there. Derek Carr suffered through 51 sacks. Yet, Cable places faith in Kolton Miller to keep him clean in 2019.

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What to expect from Brentson Buckner?

After the Raiders hired Buckner, you could sense a shift. With Mike Trgovac moving to an advisory role, the defensive line mentality will look to change. Buckner brings in the something that Trgovac could not: recent playing status. Buckner last suited up in 2005. As a result, he maintains a connection to the younger generation of players.

Arden Key will benefit most from Buckner’s arrival. First, Buckner brings an enthusiasm wrapped in a forceful, detail-oriented approach. At LSU, Key played by his terms. Last year, he needed to adjust to the professional game. Now, Buckner will light the fire under him. If not, expect Key to only see the field in spot duty. Buckner played alongside Mike Rucker and Julius Peppers. He knows what quality edge play can do for a defense.

If the Raiders draft Quinnen Williams, what better position coach that a defensive tackle. Buckner should work well with Williams, Hall, Hurst, Hankins, and Ellis. His approach will give the interior of the defensive line life.

Overall, the Oakland Raiders must dominate the lines of scrimmage. If they want to begin the move towards an eventual championship, it starts near the ball.

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