All Elite Wrestling is here and seems like it is only getting started. Despite the roster it managed to assemble, they still need star power. Stars such as Chris Jericho, Cody, and the Young Bucks remain in the fold, as well as legendary commentator Jim Ross. With that said, which superstars would get the shine that they deserve by signing with AEW?

Luke Harper

Harper recently requested his release. At 6’5, 275 pounds, he is one of the most versatile superstars in the WWE. He carries such a big frame, but is able to move like a cruiserweight and can get technical with the best of them. Harper excelled with the Wyatt Family and the Bludgeon Brothers. He is world championship material and he is destined to reach it if he goes to AEW.

Eli Drake

E-LI-DRAKE. One of the best talents on the mic today. I had stopped watching Impact Wrestling for a while but listening to Eli Drake and his Fact of Life segments. Imagining Eli and Y2J on the mic, and that’s exactly what should occur with him going to AEW.

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler appears done in the WWE. He is a former Money in the Bank winner, World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, US and Tag Team titlist. Not only this, but for the past few years, Dolph stalled out, to a degree. A jump to AEW is exactly what the Show-Off needs in order to revive his career. Maybe after this, he should come back to the WWE and continue to put on amazing matches and possibly gain a WWE Championship reign.

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Sasha Banks

If the reports are true and Sasha doesn’t want to be on WWE programming anymore. As a result, her best bet remains AEW. Banks is a generational talent and a leader of the Woman’s Revolution. She can put on a great match with almost anyone. Also, as a heel, she works  the crowd well. Expect AEW to pick her up right away, if she is released from her contract. Social media doesn’t tell the full story, however with everything unraveling maybe they’re less rumors and more so truths.

Dean Ambrose

If this isn’t a work and Dean Ambrose is really leaving, then it is no question where he should go. Ambrose executes fantastic matches. In addition, the passion that he owns for wrestling shows with every time he steps into an arena. Dean Ambrose maintains an insane work ethic. Competing matches with the likes Kenny Omega and Cody, AEW would quickly emerge as one of the top wrestling companies in the world.


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