NAME: Amani Oruwariye

POSITION: Cornerback

SCHOOL: Penn State

HEIGHT: 6’1”

WEIGHT: 205 pounds

Next on the prospect profile list is a cornerback who could be a versatile starter at the NFL level. This defender can excel in both press coverage or Cover 3. The effort and upside are a big factor in how good this cornerback could be. Let’s take a look at his attributes.

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Coverage Skills

With his length and larger size on the outside, Oruwariye looks controlled and smooth in press man coverage. His best trait in this particular coverage is mirroring receivers and mostly staying with them stride for stride. Coaches will likely love the way he’s able to disrupt routes and throw off timing during the receiver’s releases, for example. Oruwariye’s route recognition and instincts are what makes him the most successful in zone coverage. However, Oruwariye is not the fastest when trying to jump routes, but he allows himself enough space and leverage to not get burnt too easily.

Ball Skills

Oruwariye presents natural hands when playing the football. His ability to locate and track the ball in there can be good in one game, but the next game could present an entirely different story. Again, the success he has in mirroring receivers helps when locating the ball. But it’s not always a consistent result. The way in which Oruwariye attacks the ball at the catch point makes receiver’s catch attempts look silly at times. To clarify, he’s very fluid out in space when playing the ball.

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Certainly, he is an above average athlete. Oruwariye does understand though, that he can relax in space and not always have to rely on well planned athletic abilities. With his size, I think he’s fluid but not necessarily fast. Most importantly, his ability to turn and run with receivers is smooth. This turn and run strength is a plus due to how slow Oruwariye can be in turn when breaking out of his backpedal.


Oruwariye is one of the better tacklers of this year’s cornerback class. What he brings the most when attempting tackles is an aggressive style. His tackles show sound form and technique. Also, Oruwariye’s arm length allows him to reach and make plays that other cornerbacks in this class may not even be able to attempt if they wanted to.

Chiefs Fit

The Chiefs have historically liked cornerbacks with the long arms Oruwariye has. Likewise, they have also enjoyed guys who are already stout in press coverage. If the Chiefs were to select him, he brings a versatility to play in any situation. In short, the way in which he plays and attacks the ball is something Kansas City can lean on from Oruwariye. Additionally, Kansas City can trust him to be in high leverage situations early on.

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