NAME: Drue Tranquill

POSITION: Linebacker

SCHOOL: Notre Dame

HEIGHT: 6’2”

WEIGHT: 235 pounds

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Today we take a look at a prospect that has a fighter mentality at linebacker. While it’s been a long road for this player to reach this current point, the upside is there for this player to show off his versatility in the middle of a defense. This versatility would be a welcomed addition to the Chiefs current linebacker core. Now, let’s take a look at his attributes.


Tranquill has great balance and power while bringing down defenders. Also, his physicality makes it difficult for ball carriers to break tackles. This is true, at least when he comes at a high enough pad level. Due to his smaller stature, there is a greater possibility of a missed tackle if he comes in for the tackle too low. Tranquill’s technique is well planned and he has the ability to make big hits in space.

Block Shedding

His non-stop motor helps when trying to attack blockers. But again, Tranquill’s smaller frame can be a detriment when looking to fill the hole. The hand technique is a big factor in whether Tranquill can beat a blocker or not. He has the play strength and agility to force blockers to veer off of their planned direction and force ball carriers to have to make a decision of when and where to cut. The effort in standing blockers up seems to be a prideful part of his game on tape.

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Tranquill is not the most explosive player, but he has underrated speed. There are many tackles he makes by running sideline to sideline to make plays on the boundary. That’s more of that effort factor again from Tranquill, and his angles are well executed to be put in position to make those stops. There are times when his range can hurt him a bit, but it’s usually due more to slow play recognition or late first step quickness.


When in zone coverage, Tranquill does a good job of keeping his head on a swivel. The anticipation he has allows him to be in good position against tight ends and/or running backs before the ball is even thrown. This often forces opposing quarterbacks to have to force it in a tight window against him, or continue through progressions. He does a nice job of getting hands on opposing receivers before the catch while not committing much penalties. Also, Tranquill’s ability to turn and run allows for him to stay with most receivers down field.

Chiefs Fit

The Chiefs could use a linebacker who can cover well. While Tranquill has somewhat transitioned into a rangy linebacker, he is a former safety. With that said, Kansas City could use him both to his and the team’s benefit by putting him in high leverage situations where he can best make plays. Allow him to be versatile as a linebacker in space and depth in coverage, somewhat like Deone Bucannon. If needed to fill the hole, Tranquill could fit as a SAM linebacker in the 4-3 scheme.

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