NAME: Marquise Brown

POSITION: Wide Receiver

SCHOOL: Oklahoma

HEIGHT: 5’10”

WEIGHT: 160 pounds

This player is an exhilarating receiver who has the ability to become a shiny new toy in a high powered offense. While his size could be a concern, the impact ability and upside is there. Whenever you can get him the ball in space, there’s a good chance he can break loose for a long score. Now, let’s take a look at his attributes.

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The little amount of time it takes for Brown to reach maximum overdrive and break loose is special. His change of direction skills are smooth and this does not slow him down at all. When he’s in a tight space trying to make catches, Brown has the ability to cross up a defender with a wicked jab step. The attempts to try and play zone coverage against him are laughable.

Route Running

That elite speed allows for Brown to dictate his pace and fakes when selling his routes. His releases are so swift off of the line of scrimmage. As much moves as Brown displays in his routes, defenders seem to be the ones moving way more trying to figure out what he is trying to do. While breaking at the top of routes, he is able to explode crisply in a way that makes things look so effortless out in space.

Ball Skills

While Brown can haul in some passes running over the middle, there are too many times where the easier looking plays result in dropped passes. This is due to how often he relies on his body to haul in the football. His hands are not the most natural in the class and the ball can eat him up. Brown does do a nice job of adjusting to passes while the ball is in the air though. Every time he touches the ball, he is looking to rack up yards after the catch and race by everybody.

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We mentioned how often drops can occur. The contested catches are difficult for Brown to make due to his less than stellar ability to pluck the ball out of the air. Also, his smaller frame is a detriment in contested catch situations too. The strength in his hands are also a bit underdeveloped. Defenders are able to swat the ball out of Brown’s hands with a simple punch.

Chiefs Fit

The home run hitter Brown can be is perfect for a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes. All Mahomes has to do is get the ball to him and let him shimmy against defenders. We’ve seen how Andy Reid has utilized Tyreek Hill. Brown could be used in the same instances, besides a pass catcher. He can be a ball carrier out of the backfield. Or, Brown can make an impact as a decoy to open up other receivers down field.

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