With the draft only a few days away, let’s look at three scenarios that may happen with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ pick at fifth overall.

Scenario One

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Devin White. The buzz around this pick has been getting stronger as the draft gets closer. I have seen about 50 mock drafts done and about 75% of them have the team picking White with the fifth overall pick. In my opinion, this would be a smart pick but maybe not the sexiest. Devin White in my opinion is the best overall linebacker in this year’s draft. The need for an edge rusher is a real one but White seems to be a player that a lot of people think will be a force for a long time.

Scenario Two

Tampa gets an offer they can’t refuse and trades the pick. The Buccaneers drop back a few spots and still get a player that is high on their draft board. I think that a player like Montez Sweat will still be the in this scenario. Sweat will still be available at the Buccaneers new spot (it wouldn’t be outside the top 10). They’ll get a player that is projected to be a star and who could contribute day one for the Bucs. Sweat’s draft stock has gone down a bit due to concerns over a heart issue that was found in a pre-draft physical. All reports say the issue is minor and he should be fine.

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Scenario Three

The talk of Gerald McCoy’s days as a Buccaneers being limited led me to this scenario. The Buccaneers pick Ed Oliver with the fifth pick. If McCoy does not stay with the team, that leaves a huge hole in the defensive line. This year’s draft is one of the best draft’s for defensive linemen. Oliver has not been talked about as much as some other guys. I have only heard good things about him. Whether it’s his speed off the edge or his freakish athleticism, Oliver can become a cornerstone on this Buccaneer defense.  Anytime you are being compared to Aaron Donald you must be doing something great. Watch Oliver’s speed and first step jump out when you put some of his film on. 

As you may know when it comes to the draft, nothing is set in stone, but you must think ahead. Jason Licht has done a good job in the past managing different scenarios. This year’s draft will be no different. Licht will have to weigh the team opinions with the pick at five or trade back and gain more picks. Once the draft starts on Thursday night, the Cardinals pick will shape what everyone will do with their first-round draft boards.

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