Wrestling Roundup: April 23, 2019


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Superstar Shakeup Continues in WWE

There have been some aftershocks in the week after the Superstar Shakeup. Cesaro has been moved to RAW without his tag team partner Sheamus. Andrade, Zelina Vega, and Aleistar Black have all moved over to SmackDown Live, breaking up Black’s tag team with Ricochet.

According to PWInsider, the moves were made in part to add Latino superstars to SmackDown Live. Fox plan on showcasing Latino stars on their Spanish-language channel when SmackDown makes the move to Fox in October. Vega moved alongside her client Andrade, and Black was moved as he is married to Vega. Andrade moving to SmackDown Live also allows him to stay on the same brand as girlfriend Charlotte Flair.

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Name Changes in WWE

Monday Night RAW saw two name changes for WWE talents. The Viking Experience has been renamed the Viking Raiders after their initial name change was lambasted online. Erik and Ivar, the former War Raiders, will hopefully not be subjected to any more name changes in the near future.

Bobby Roode has changed his name to Robert Roode. Sporting a new Magnum P.I. moustache, Roode announced the name change in a backstage interview before RAW.

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Roode went on to defeat Ricochet on Monday night.

Ricochet Family Fund

Last week, Ricochet’s childhood home was destroyed in a fire. He has launched a GoFundMe to help his mother rebuild her home. NXT stars have also pitched in, launching an online auction going on this week with proceeds going to Ricochet’s family. You can check out all the items up for auction here. It includes items from Undisputed Era, Matt Riddle, D.I.Y., Candice LeRae, and Undisputed Era.


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