A top ten pick once again belongs to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With it they hope to select a true difference maker. Will this player be added to an already explosive offense? Will he help shore up a busted up O-line? Or will this player be the next cornerstone in a brand new defense in Tampa? General Manager Jason Licht has to hit on this draft if he wishes to continue on as GM. With only seven picks in the draft he has little room for error and he looks to strike gold at number 5 overall.

Help coming for an explosive offense?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers bolstered the third best offense last year. With weapons all around Winston the Bucs don’t seem to have a true need anywhere besides the offensive line. The o-line needs five serviceable to great lineman to be a true monster in the ground attack. At this point the Bucs contain only one player of that caliber. Ali Marpet is holding the Left Guard spot down, and after signing a five year contract he seems to be the guy up front. The only O-Lineman I can see being worthy of the first round selection of the Bucs is OT Jonah Williams of Alabama.

Jonah Williams started every game in college for Alabama and has been a beast up front for the Tide. He allowed 0 sacks and was a first team All-American in his final year at Alabama. The main issue with Tampa selecting him is that the fifth overall pick is a touch too early for my taste. If Jason Licht can find a partner around 10-12 I would be happy with Jonah Williams being part of a haul for the 5th pick.

The Defense Needs a Fresh Start(er)

Bruce Arians employed Todd Bowles to be his defensive coordinator and the defense is lacking playmakers on all three levels. The Bucs could use a young stud everywhere on the defense and this draft is loaded with good defenders. It would be very hard to miss. Hopefully. The Bucs could use a pass rusher (What year is it?) and this draft has a couple that could possibly be there for Tampa to select at five.

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Linebacker Josh Allen of Kentucky is my favorite player in this draft class. He’s the player I would love to fall to Tampa but the only question is “would he fall?”. The Jets could select him before the fifth selection even gets thought of, and the Raiders could also swoop him up right before us as well. He can end up being the best player in the draft if he gets under a good coaching staff as he projects to be a terror off the edge. Allen has been compared to LB Leonard Floyd of the Chicago Bears. He can be a player who can rush and drop into coverage. He could be a beast alongside Lavonte David on the field.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select…

I believe the Bucs have no choice but to select a defender in this draft, a trade back isn’t an option barring an overpay. They will select a player that projects to be a difference maker and that pick will be Josh Allen. As long as a QB gets selected in the top five a great defender will fall to the Bucs. The Niners couldn’t possibly pass on Nick Bosa if he’s available at number two. With the Jets and Raiders up next I see them selecting a combination of OT Williams, DT Quinnen Williams from Alabama and DT Ed Oliver of Houston. That could possibly leave the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Allen and Jonah Williams staring at them. When it comes to this team is I believe a true pass rusher would help the Bucs become a playoff team faster.

Any of these players would help the Bucs get to a higher level but a blue chip pass rusher like Josh Allen is a necessity, and Tampa can finally get theirs.

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